Monday, October 10, 2011

Rosario + Vampire: Tsurara 2 including Animation

:-D Ok...a follow up to the follow up. Just a quick animation involving Tsurara playing footsie with the water. :-D


(More from Rosario+Vampire Season 2 episode 9. Once again massive thank yous to Tigger_Tiger, the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25, The Halloween Expert Lawliet and Libra for these Rosario +Vampire tip offs. ^_^)

Wish I was the surface of that hot spring. ^_^

Ok guys that's it for now. As always more to come soon.


  1. Animation might take a little bit of time to load. ^_^;

  2. Great post dude. I can't wait for more. Any chance you will be sharing the password to your album on photobucket? I'd like to see what else you have on there. Keep it up man.

  3. Nice. Hey thanks for adding my New Group,KSC.

  4. if only she was scrunching her soles to us

  5. I imagine her foot animation, expect instead of dipping it in a body of water, she's dipping it in my mouth XD

  6. @Match25

    That would be awesome! XD X3


    Nice! XD X3

  7. Thanks guys. ^_^

    @heretichero666 I usually post everything inside of the album on the blogs. I'm just using it to store animations since they can't be uploaded to blogger directly. If you are still curious though...I'll set it up for you. Just e-mail me ( I'll give you the password for it. problem

    @Mister_Bushido I don't blame you. She does look incredibly sexy. :-D

    @Match Yeah that would have been really awesome to see. ^_^

    @BTW Yeah...I would totally love if she did that to my mouth too. :-D