Monday, October 24, 2011

Rosario + Vampire: Nekonome Sensei promised last time, here is a tribute to Rosario + Vampire's cat teacher Shizuka Nekonome. Due to the fanservice-like nature of the series, Shizuka winds up donning a lot of sexy outfits throughout the 2 seasons that she appears. Keeping that in mind, this tribute will take a look at some of her best attires. Here are the nine faces of Nekonome-Sensei...
Vacation Neko

This catgirl sure knows how to vacation in style. :-D

Teacher Neko

This are the Shizuka's typical everday outfits. One of the nice things about it is that she is usually makes sandals part of her everday attire. ^_^

Feral Neko

You guys remember Lilith? Well during the episode she was wreaking havok, she used the mirror of revelations Nekonome Sensei's true cat-like nature which as it turns out is surprisingly fierce unlike the normally gentle teacher. ^_^

Incognito Neko

This is Shizuka's outfit when she's secretly scooping out students to join her newspaper club. It's hard to believe she doesn't wind up getting more attention from it considering that all it is is a swimsuit with sunglasses. I guess for a series with so many female hotties like Rosario+Vampire, a hot woman relaxing in a swimsuit in the background is just part of the scenery.

Hotsprings Neko

It hard not like to like an outfit where Nekonome is wearing nothing but a towel. :-D Plus she even winds up chasing her students around in it. We actually male characters nosebleed on screen as she walks!!

Drunk Neko

Shortly after Shizuka's towel scene, we see her and the other teachers resting after what we have to assume from the Sake bottle the cat teacher is holding was a really wild night. Wish I was at that particular party. ^_^

Superhero Neko

In perhaps one of the most coolest surprise scenes in the Rosario+Vampire series Shizuka dons a Catwoman-like costume and takes on a Superheroine identity to protect her students from another teacher taking advantage of them. Her signature attack is her Kitten scratch. O.O

Nurse Neko

One episode had Shizuka hypnotized into wearing this kinky outfit. :-D As if being a Catgirl and teacher wasn't hot enough already. :-D

Schoolgirl Swimsuit Neko

Perhaps my favorite out of Shizuka's outfits is the time that she dons a Schoolgirl Swimsuit. Ririko sensei winds up catching her wearing it and scolds her before they get into a teacher catfight causing the swimsuit to rip and Shizuka to walk away dejectedly. Aw poor Shizuka. :-( She still looks really cute in it though.

(Various caps of Shizuka from several different episodes of Rosario+Vampire. Once again Massive Thank yous to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25, Libra and the Halloween Expert Lawliet for all the cool tips that inspired these bonuses. ^_^)

Shizuka is a really cute character. She has a double function in the anime as the team's homeroom teacher and the advisor for the Newspaper club which all the main characters are a part of. Compared to the other Youkai teachers who have appeared in the series, Nekonomi-sensei is geniunely really caring and sweet. She tries to help her students out and is really very cheerful. She believes that humans and monsters should be able to get along with one another. In the anime, she exhibits a lot of catlike personality such as a taste for raw fish and purring when she talks. Rrowr!!

Ok more Rosario + Vampire girl left to post. ^_^ Have a great evening (or morning depending on when you read this) and more to come soon!!


  1. where are all these cute teachers?

  2. Tell me about it. ^_^ Though I don't know how well I would have been able to concentrate with a teachers as hot as this teaching my classes. ^_^;

  3. I wish this teacher was teaching my class...might try to bribe her by offering her to being my scissor and foot dummy :D

  4. O_O That would be really cool Breakthewalls. ^_^I would try to be bad in class so that she would dress up in her Catwoman costume and use her feet and scissor moves to "discipline" me afterwards.

  5. Wow. Looks like the anime really was kind to Nekonome-sensei--I've always seen her as a primarily comic-relief character, but she's pretty hot too!

  6. Yeah it looks like the anime enhanced her role a bit along with the amount of fanservice. ^_^