Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rosario + Vampire: Lillith

As you guys can see, Rosario + Vampire has quite a wide range of female characters allowing these tributes to continue for an extended period of time. :-) Our next character up is the one shot villainess Lillith. ^_^

(These are from Lillith's only appearance in Rosario + Vampire Season 2 episode 11. As with all the Rosario + Vampire bonuses. Really have to thank Libra, the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the Great Halloween Expert Lawliet,)

Don't let this fairy's innocent and tiny look fool you...she's quite the troublemaker. :-D Not only does she manage to take down the unbeatable vampire Moka in her episode, she leaves that poor vampire in pieces. In fact in the one episode she appears in, Lillith manages to disable every one of the main cast. Not only that, this fairy almost singlehandedly shattered the barrier separating the human and monster worlds which would have had devastating repercussions on both. In the end it took the combined might of witches, succubi, yuki-onnas and tomboys to take this fairy down.

Armed with the mirror of revelations (which can reveal any being's true nature), Lillith loves to cause chaos. She extremely clever and sneaky and knows how to use her non-intimidating appearance to her advantage. Quite impressive for a girl who fits in the palm of your hand. Watch out for her!!

I have to say that the animators did a really awesome job on making this fairy's feet look really good. As you might expect from a supernatural woman who's feet never need to touch the ground her feet are flawless. ^_^ Kept being tempted to run my tongue across my monitor every time her feet were shown on scene.

Ok everyone...that's basically all for tonight but more Rosario + Vampire and Halloween action still to come.

Have a good night everyone. ^_^


  1. cant resist those cute barefoot fairies

  2. It seems in addition to a pair of cute feet to a cute fairy (eventhough she was evil) she has a cute bum since they cover it with a bear just wanting us to know.

  3. This Fairy has some fairly cute feet :D

  4. Thanks guys. ^_^

    That's true Shadowmandude. ^_^ That bear winds up appearing a lot in this anime. It replaces the bat as a censor for season too. ^_^;

    :-D Nice Pun BTW.

  5. They really did emphasize her bareleggedness in this episode, didn't they? At the time I thought it was to emphasize her being a fairy but seeing all those screens brought together surprises me at how many there were.

    Lilith got a happier development in the manga: After this chapter (which happened much earlier in the story) she disappeared for a long time but later became revealed as another assistant to the headmaster.

  6. O_O Yeah they really gave Lillith a lot of good moments in this one.

    O_O I've only read the first couple of chapters in Season 2. That's definitely something to look forward to. :-D

  7. Ah yes, how could we leave out Lilith? She actually does return in Season II in the manga, and she's still barefoot all the time. Gotta love those fairies and their lack of shoes.

  8. :-D Yup barefoot fairies rules. ^_^

    I really need to get myself up to date reading the manga. ^_^ (I'm only a couple of chapters into season 2 ^_^;)It really would be great to see more of Lillith. ^_^