Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rosario + Vampire: Mizore Shirayuki

Ok honor of Halloween, let's do a couple of tributes to some Supernatural women's feet. ^_^ First up is the attractive Ice Demon Mizore from Rosario + Vampire.

(These are from various episodes of the Rosario + Vampire anime. Most notably Season 1 episode 8 and Season 2 episodes 6 and 7. Massive thank yous to the Master of Sole Shots Match25 and Halloween expert Lawliet for tipping me off to these characters. I'd also like to thank Libra as well for the inspiration to do this bonus. You'll see more of his images in an upcoming set of pictures. ^_^)

Who knew an Ice Demon could look so hot? :-D I really like Mizore a lot. She's calm and laid back (most of the time) and she looks very pretty. I love her exotic purple hair and penetrating blue eyes. While we are on the subject of Mizore's appearance, let's talk about 2 things involving her sense of style. First the lollipop in her mouth (which she looks really cute with) is actually just that. She uses lollipops to keep the temperature of her mouth cool and it was not put there by 4Kids TV to conceal a smoking habit. (*Cough* Sanji *Cough*) Secondly, as you can probably tell from some of the pictures, her standard outfit involves her wearing a really cute pair of pink and purple knee socks which she looks totally adorable in. ^_^ Her hair was a lot longer in the first episode but she wound up cutting it at the end of it. I didn't like it at first but I've gotten used to seeing her with short hair and when I re-watched her first episode for this bonus...her long hair seemed really out of place.

Mizore has a lonely personality which I can relate to very much but she is shown to care about the main character and her friends in the series despite being a rival with the other female characters for the lead's affections. ^_^ Mizore's mother like her is a beautiful snow demon who is always trying to get her daughter married to the main character. Her father likes to dress up in a yeti costume making the Mizore's friends believe he is a yeti when they meet him. It is later revealed at the end of the episode that he is very handsome underneath the costume.

When she's not being scary, Mizore is actually very shy but watch out when she gets mad. This girl has some really powerful freezing powers being able to generate ice and snow at will and make ice clones of herself. She can put Subzero to shame. One of the running jokes is that she likes to stalk the main character in the series popping up at different places (like his closet) and surprising him unexpectedly. She can stalk me any day. :-D

This bonus is a heavy remember of how much I need to catch up on, ^_^; Mizore won the December 2010 Poll of the Month but I never managed to post a tribute to her. ^_^; It took me 10 months but I can finally check her off the list. Woot!! It might take me some time I will catch up and post every poll winner eventually. :-D

Ok everyone that's all for now. I'm try to post some more Rosario + Vampire women soon as well as some other supernatural hotties. ^_^


  1. Wow now i have a reason to move this up my list of series to watch more of Mizore :D

  2. Nice bitchslap to 4Krap Entertainment.

  3. :-D Mizore is definite a great reason to watch the series Jinto. The series has a lot of hot girls but my favorites are her and the pink haired vampire Moka. ^_^

    :-D I still can't belive 4kids did that Stefan. ^_^;

  4. ah cant help but love that stalker. just wish she got out of those knee high socks more often

  5. I apologize for the off topic nature of this comment but...

    You have a link to EcchiFeet on your blog. It, and it's associated imageboard, has been down for the better part of a year. Recently I've created a foot related imageboard ( Perhaps you could add a link to it since it's relevant to the interests of this blog.

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  7. Due to loosing my old account i have made a new one with the new title that has made my day

    That made my life lol.
    =) Really happy to see this post. Puts me in the Halloween spirit but i have to wonder, would anyone worry about their tongue getting stuck to Mizore's foot if they licked it. I'm sure mine would ;D but not just cuz shes an Ice Demon.

  8. im disappointed now Match :( but still not enough to not watch it sometime this year

  9. awesome stuff KSC :D i've really been meaning 2 watch this anime 4 quite some time now - seeing this post makes me want 2 watch it even more lol, this mizore character looks really cute and she is my main reason 4 wanting 2 watch this anime - Its a real shame that she does'nt have as much barefeet scenes as Match pointed out - but who's 2 say that can't stop me from writing a fan-fic where she will ^_^ I'll 2 watch the anime 4 a good while 1st though as I don't like 2 write fan-fics unless I know the characters personalities well enough 2 stay true 2 their characters in the stories ;) I'll keep u all posted if any1 is interested

  10. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Yeah its interesting that the girl who can tolerate the heat the least probably wears the warmest footwear out of the girls in the series Match. :-D

    Ok I'll add it Hateless. The more foot related content sources the merrier. ^_^

    :-D Glad you like the title Lawliet. ^_^ Hee hee...I think mine would stick to her feet too. ^_^ Thanks again for her episode. :-)

    :-D Mizore debuts late in the first season Jinto. The best episodes for her barefoot are Season 1 episode 8 and Season 2 episodes 6 and 7. Fanservice involving the the girls throughout the show though.

    :-D Hee hee...purple haired girls definitely rock BTW.

    Thanks Martin. ^_^ Yeah Mizore is really hot. O_O I would love to read a fanfiction written by you about her. :-) I really hope that you enjoy the series if you decide to watch it. :-D

  11. Thank you for adding my site :D

  12. She is lovely especailly when she is wearing the socks and then when she is running below.

    Btw heres something I found in dA its from naruto, but it looks rather interesting

  13. She is lovely especailly when she is wearing the socks and then when she is running below.

    Btw heres something I found in dA its from naruto, but it looks rather interesting

  14. O_O Thanks Zach H. That Tsunade picture is really hot.

  15. :-D I love th3e striped socks too. ^_^

  16. Are you in charge of this site, KSC? If you are then how can I send you some more pics I'v foudn in dA from various anime but mostly of bleach, and of course anything else I might skip upon.

  17. Yeah this is my site. O_O I Would love to see some of your finds. If you want you can e-mail me at ^_^

  18. What the... I leave for one month and I miss an entire Rosario update series?

    Good lord, I really have the worst luck...

    Sadly she didn't make the pool episode (season 1 episode 5), but Mizore still got introduced much earlier (before Kuyou) in the anime, which her many fans will agree is a good thing :)

    There was a bit of surprise when Rie Kugimiya broke typecasting to voice her, but I think it works. She added back a lot of the shyness Mizore lost in the anime (having remained an oft-shown outsider to the main group for around 20 volumes of the manga).

    Lawliet makes a good - but appealing! - point, heh. They probably are very cold when they can take wearing skis made of ice.

    Really looking forward to the fic, martin!

  19. Hi Veroom. ^_^ Good to see you. :-)

    Yeah I was really happy that Mizore appeared a lot earlier than in the manga too. ^_^ I like her a lot. :-D

    O_O I googled Rie Kugimiya...I had no idea she did so many popular characters voices. Wow the same person as Taiga from Toradora and Louise. That's an impressive resume. ^_^

    :-D That's the type of feet you would like to cool off with on a hot day. ^_^

  20. Nice. I've never actually seen this anime, but I'm a religious reader of the manga. And yeah, it's absolutely wonderful.

  21. In comparison with the manga, I have to admit that the anime pales in comparison but it's a good show in it. ^_^

    Thanks very much again for all the comments Cyberchao X. I'm really glad that you enjoyed this series of posts. ^_^