Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rosario + Vampire Finale: Kurumu Part 1 of 2

Ok everyone...we've finally reached the end of this tribute series and here to see us off is the cute succubus Kurumu. Kurumu isn't my favorite Rosario + Vampire girl but I do like her a lot. She is really cute and her playful flirtatious personality is fun to watch on screen. However, the reason why she was saved for the finale is that she probably has one of the best foot scenes not just in the Rosario + Vampire series but in anime in general. Anyway, in an effort to close out this tribute series in style, here is an animation of her POV kick. Enjoy guys!!
A Couple of things about the animation. It is a little large so it might take a minute or two to load. I'm also using photobuckets to store my animation images so there is the potential that the bandwidth might cut out depending on how many people are viewing the images.

Ok in addition to this, I do have a couple of stills caps and images of Kurumu to share you guys which you can see in part 2 of the bonus here (if you didn't come from there already ^_^;):

That's basically all for now. Have a very Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Season 2 Episode 6: Field Trip and Vampire

  2. Who's the lucky guy/gal to be on the receiving end on that kick :D Cause I would love to take his/her place

  3. Hee hee...would love to be kicked like that by her too Breakthewalls. ^_^

    The person on the receiving end of the kick is Mizore. She was changing the temperature of the hot springs water to her own tastes by pouring ice into the spring. Kurumu didn't like that so she kicked the Yuki-onna out of the water (literally).

  4. Wow...that was quick. ^_^; I guess I have a lot of blog traffic. The way photobuckets works is that they give you 10 gigs of bandwidth per month. After that they close it off for the rest of the month.

    If anyone know a good alternative photo upload site that I can use...let me know. Anyway, the clip should come back online again on Nov 5th. ^_^

  5. Well, it was back on for me, anyway. Nice stuff.