Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rosario + Vampire: Moka Bonus 4

Ok continuing with the Rosario + Vampire tributes, we finally reached my favorite character in the series the attractive female vampire Moka. Loving this character a lot, I've actually tributed her a few times in the past posting a lot of her hottest moments and making this bonus a lot more challenging to do. Luckily betwee her transformation scenes, a scantily clad ending credits appearance and some other rare moments, there was a nice amount of material to post. ^_^

(Various webfind and from several different episodes of ending credits of the Rosario+Vampire. Massive thank you to Moka fan Libra for inspiring, capping and creating wallpapers for this bonus as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the Halloween Expert Lawliet for providing scene tips and encouragement for this bonus as well)

Past tributes to this incredibly hot character can be found
and Here:

It's hard to believe but the three times that I tributed Moka, I've never a character background for her. Well let's remedy that...

Moka has two sides to her personality and two different appearances to match. When she is wearing her Rosario, Moka is kind, sweet, friendly and cheerful. She still has a courageous heart and will do anything she can to protect her friends (her boyfriend Tsukune in particular). Matching her gentle personality, Moka's appearance wearing the rosario is really cute. Her hair is a bright shade of pink and her eyes are bright green. However, when her Rosario is removed Moka's true vampire nature is released. Her hair turns white and her eyes turn red. She also becomes stronger and more powerful. Her personality in that form is more tsundere-like. She is colder and cooler and she's harsher than her counter persona. She isn't bad and still maintains her friendship with the other lead characters but she is more distant and no longer possess.

In her true vampire form, Moka is nearly unbeatable. She takes on several powerful demons and is able to defeat than all. (She often does so using a powerful kick to knock them into submission.) Her signature tagline is "Know Your Place!" which she usually delivers after thoroughly thrashing her enemies. I imagine that for fetishists like us, she wouldn't need to remind us where our place would be. We would be at her feet worshiping them and massaging them no matter what form she is in. :-D

Ok guys...that's all for tonight. More Rosario + Vampire women still to come. ^_^


  1. As a little bit of an extra. Here is another animation that I made involving Moka. Moka Animation. It's nothing too extreme but it is a little bit risque so view it at your own discretion. ^_^

  2. Oh might have to wait a little bit for this animation to load as well. ^_^

  3. Hehe, she doesn't need to bite me to turn me into her loyal slave :D

    Awesome posts KSC :D

  4. Thanks Breakthewalls. ^_^

    :-D Me too.

  5. That's great. Her feet is beautiful. I usually vist This website to watch

  6. Ah, yes, Moka. Queen of the high kicks, but...that screencap does show one of the key differences between the anime and the manga. In the original manga, no matter how many high kicks Moka does--and boy does she ever do a lot; those are definitely some powerful feet--her panties are never shown. The other girls, sure--Kurumu gets panty shots all the time--but Moka, or at the very least Inner Moka, never does.

    But now I'm sounding like one of those comic book nerds who goes to superhero movies just to complain about everything they got wrong, so I'll stop and just appreciate those beautiful legs and feet.

  7. :-D Moka really does do some superb kicking in the series. ^_^

    Yeah I have to agree that the manga gives the characters a little bit more depth. The anime was good (I definitely loved a lot of the fanservice and comedy scenes) but the manga is more intense and exciting. I think part of the problem is that the anime adaptation is so short. I would have loved if they stretched it out more. ^_^