Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rosario + Vampire: Tsurara

As a little bit of a follow up to the Mizore Tribute, here is a tribute to Mizore's mother Tsurara. *Cue the Stacy's Mom Music*

A little more of Mizore :-D

(These are from Rosario + Vampire Season 2 episode 9. Special thanks to Tigger_Tiger for tipping me off to this episode as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25, Rosario+ Vampire fan Libra, and the Halloween Expert Lawliet for tipping me off to this series)

Introduced to us in an episode involving parent teacher day at the Youkai Academy, viewers quickly discover that Mizore's mom Tsurara is very much like her daughter in terms of personality. In fact the first scene that we see her in involves her stalking the main character Tsukune. Tsurara approves of Tsukune a lot and wants him to be her daughter's fiance. She tends to use more extreme approaches than her daughter would to get that to happen even going so far as to encourage her daughter freeze and kidnap Tsukune to force him to marry her. In her debut, it is revealed that she is contemporary of Kurumu (the green haired succubus') mother and the two were rival classmates in the past.

An adult Snow Demon, Tsurara's powers are fully developed and she is stronger than her daughter and she nearly destroys the school when she gets into a fight with Kurumu's mother. In addition to that, being an adult makes Tsurara's feet much bigger than the other female feet that we get to see in the series. I had a very hard time taking me eyes off of them when she uses her toes to test out the temperature of a hot spring. Like her daughter, she winds up causing the temperature of the hot spring to drop in the process.

I should probably mention that this episode involving a scene with the girls relaxing in the baths of a ski resort (this type of thing happens several times throughout the anime) shows a lot more of the Rosario + Vampire women's bodies than I actually posted (though still nothing too overt). As always, do with that knowledge what you will. ;-)

Ok guys that's it for now. More Rosario + Vampire girls still to come. ^_^


  1. :-D Yeah...Yuki-onnas are the coolest. ^_^

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  3. Those closeups of those feet are nicely drawn

  4. Yeah the artists did a really good job. ^_^

  5. Very good, but you forgot to mention the other thing that makes Tsurara so awesome, namely that she has AN ENTIRE WALL FULL OF GUNS. Because hot chicks with gun fetishes are totally awesome.

  6. Wow another reason I definitely need to read deeper into the manga storyline. The anime doesn't show off Tsurara's love of guns. I like Tsurara a lot. ^_^ She a really cool character with a personality that is really fun to watch. :-D