Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ino (Mega Bonus)

While it seemed like a good idea at the time, my Sakura Mega-Bonus got me into a lot of hot water with my favorite anime girl Ino Yamanaka. She demanded to know how I could give her rival's feet a megabonus tribute without giving one to her feet first. Anyway because she's so hot (and *gulp* downright scary when she's mad), Here is a tribute to sexiest Kunoichi of them all. Enjoy!!

(These were capped from Naruto episodes 41, 42, 192, 200, and Naruto Shippuuden Episodes 34 and 54 and a webfind of the cover of Naruto Volume 6. Once again I have to give massive thanks the author Mr. E for directing me to the barefoot Ino scenes in episode 200 which inspired this bonus.)
O_O Ok...maybe I went a little overboard doing more than 50 caps in one post but Ino is definitely worth it. This kunoichi is definitely as hot as they come and I would gladly be her footslave for the rest of my life if she wanted me to.
Alright guys...that's it for now. Hopefully these pictures will give you guys something pleasant to dream about. Have a good night everyone and as usual...more to come soon.


  1. great job !
    so many great pics
    no such thing as overboard
    ahh be Ino's footslave ...i know i'm gona have GREAT dreams tonight thanks KSC

  2. Yeah...I hope she has a nice closeup on her bare feet one day too.

  3. Her toes are pretty,but I must agree with Match. Damn those Ninja footwear.

  4. Wow a lot of great pics a lot more than i expected. i forgot about those pics from episode 192 those are really good shots.


  5. Naruto doesn't realize how lucky he is in the 10th pic from the bottom getting Ino's sole pressed against his face like that.

    Thanks again for that clip Mr. E.

  6. So it really was Ino after all. I knew it!

    Good thing for you that you were able to find some good pictures about Ino instead of her rival, or you really would've been in hot water. She probably would've used her mind control jutsu on you and made you beat the shit out of yourself. That would've been messy. And knowing you, I'm sure this wasn't the only method you used to pacify her, am I right? ;)

    Daniel Wickie

  7. Yup I begged her to let me worship and massage her feet to make up for it which I'm happy to say she agreed to.

  8. Did you really have to beg? I'm sure she would've let you do it willingly, knowing your history involving her.

  9. Well normally we are pretty tight but I had to sweeten her up a bit after the whole Sakura thing. I'm just glad she couldn't resist getting a foot massage to enough to stay angry for long.

  10. Yeah, a foot rub can make anyone be content, no matter how angry they are. :)

    So, what did you actually say?

  11. I told her that her feet are way prettier than Sakura's and that if there was only one kunoichi I could worship, it would be her.

    She smiled a little bit at that but she still tried to look mad. She told me that I was just saying that.

    I insisted that it was true and added that I'm sorry I offended her and to please let me massage and worship her feet to make it up to her.

    She sighed and said she doesn't know if I'd be really into it. (she was trying to tease me a bit as punishment)but after I went down on my knees and begged some more, she finally giggled and said ok.

  12. Not foot related but I was just watching the ending clip of Shippuuden 90 and Ino totally pwns Sakura.

    Yet another reason why this sexy blonde rocks!!! :-D