Friday, June 14, 2013

Lois Lane Super Tribute Finale: Superman The Animated Series

Ok closing out the tributes with style...the final Lois bonus is to her incarnation from Superman the Animated Series Cartoon. Appearing in two series and one animated movie this version of Lois has more foot scenes then any of her other animated counterparts. Enjoy guys!!
(These are all caps from the Superman animated movie Brainiac Returns, and the episodes Target and Fun and Games. I've been working on this bonus for a long time and had a lot of help with it tremendous thank yous to Juancho for helping me organize and plan out all these tributes and to Stefan, PeroAlonso1 and DaytonaRacer500 for providing tips for caps)

Ok...the goal of this bonus was to try and put all of Lois' Animate Series foot scenes into this tribute but there was one set of scenes I wasn't able to include. According to Juancho there is an episode involving Lois visiting a Spa where her feet were being shown but neither of us have been able to find it. If you guys know information about this or any other foot scene involving her just let me know and I'll try to post a follow up.

The Lois in the animated series is played by the actress Dana Delaney. She does a good portrayal of Lois. This version of the character has her trademark sharp tongue and determination to get a good story. She's also really competitive with Clark making for some very comedic scenes. I just wish she had more scenes in this series. There were only a few episodes that focused on her and the character was at her best when she was interacting with Clark. Superman didn't have a lot of scenes as his alter ego in this series so a lot of Lois' scenes were limited to being rescued by Superman. Lois does get closer to Superman toward the end of the series but their relationship was sort of glossed over. In the follow up series Justice League, Superman is shown to be dating her but her appearances become even rarer. I still think that this version of her was a great character but she was just underused. :-D

All right everyone, this basically completes the Lois bonus posts. It was a lot bigger than I originally intended. It's hard not to get carried away with such a sexy character.  ^_^; I hope that you guys enjoyed these tributes. They were a lot of fun to work on. ^_^ 

Ok until next time...Up Up and Away!


  1. This is definitely my favorite Lois. And a lot other people's too, judging by the polls. XD

  2. My Favorite Lois as well. Glad that they Finaly showed her pretty feet :D

  3. Thanks very much guys. This version of Lois is really hot. She probably has the best foot scenes out of any of the animated versions of her too. ^_^

  4. This was probably my favorite Lois =D as well loved her her design is awesome nice post

  5. Thanks for raising awareness, KSC :)
    I hope someone finds that massage scene. For reference, she's getting a massage and talking on the phone with someone, not sure if Clark, Jimmy or Perry.

    1. Really crossing my fingers someone knows about it. ^_^

  6. you forgot the episode "Monkey Fun" when she was getting massaged.

    1. O_O Thanks very much Justin. Been trying to figure out which episode that happened in for a really long time.