Friday, June 14, 2013

Lois Lane Super Tribute Part 8: Animated Superman Movies

Ok the Live Action movie but we're not done with Lois' feet just yet. Tackling the animated film category here is a 4 different versions of the hot reporter each of which was beautifully depicted. Ok a look to cover so lets dive in. First up...
 Superman Doomsday Lois
Voice Actress: Anne Heche
Portrayal Critique:  Lois has a big part in this movie and it could be argued that the film focuses more on her then Superman himself. Lois really shines as a multifaceted character in this. She's strong willed in some scenes, vulnerable in others and the qualities don't contrast with each other. She doesn't have Superman's powers but that doesn't stop her from rushing into danger to save children. She can be stubborn arguing with Superman who is her boyfriend in the film but you get the sense that she really loves him a lot too.She also comes off as very intelligent deducing Superman's identity before he tells it to her but she has a childish playfulness to her too. Watching this version of Lois, you really connect with the character. When she smiles it makes you want to smile and when she's sad, you feel sad too. :-D

Film Critique: Pretty Good. The film is loosely based on the Death/Return of Superman storyline which was one of my favorite arcs in the comic books. When you compare it to the original story it doesn't quite have the depth of its source material but its still works as an action film. It definitely has some really exciting and dramatic scenes. Another nice part of the film is the brief bit of fanservice above where you get to see Lois in a towel and bathrobe. Hot!!

Superman vs The Elite
I like Lois' animation in this film...she looks hot!!
Sadly this is the closest we get to seeing Lois' feet in this one. :-(
Voice Actress: Pauley Perette
Portrayal Critique: Perette is known for playing the goth forensic investigator on NCIS. I didn't know she was the voice actress before watching the film and I never would have guessed it was her. I have to give her a lot of props for that. I remember liking this version of the character watching the film and thinking the Lois looked and sounded really hot in it. A lot of credit goes to the animation team for giving her a sexy appearance too. I think that the portrayal of the character is pretty spot on. The only downside is that I didn't see the film very long ago but I'm pretty hard pressed trying to think of memorable Lois moments to tell you guys. I guess that while it is a good portrayal of the character, it may not stick in your memory with the variety of other versions of her out there. It would have also been nice to get a peek at Lois' bare feet in this film too.

Film Critique: It's a good film. Maybe about 7.5/10 on a scale of 1-10. Basically the film has Superman take on a group of vigilante heroes whose methods are more violent and extreme than his own. One of the things the film does well is conflict Superman's moral philosophy with that of his enemy. You really get to see that Superman's powers aren't the only thing that make him a great hero.There were moments when he came off as arrogant though especially in the earlier part of the films when the antagonist's methods were not as clear cut. It a good thing that Lois appears in the film because she helps temper his character keeping him likeable. ^_^ The villains/antagonists in the film aren't recognizable members of Superman's rogue gallery but they do come off as powerful making the odds seemed stacked against the man of steel when he goes against them. One of the nice things to see in this movie was that Superman had to use his intelligence to overcome these villains rather than rely solely on his powers. (That's really not something you see very often in short films of him.) He gets a lot of props for the Psych out at the end. If you've seen the film you'll get that pun. :-D

Anway continuing we have...

All Star Superman
Voice Actress: Christina Hendricks
Portrayal Critique: Lois' role in this film is milder. She still has some memorable scenes but the story arcs are divided very well between her, Superman and the rest of the supporting cast. Her biggest part in the film comes in the first third of the movie where Superman confesses his identity to her. He also takes her to the Fortress of Solitude and shows her around even giving her a potion that would give her his powers for a day as a present. If you are wondering why she pointing a gun on Superman in the above caps, it was because she was exposed to radiation making her paranoid. One of the things this film does well to highlight the close relationship Lois has with Superman. He is the one person that he trusts enough to confide in and it really showed.

Film Critique: I really like this film a lot. It's divided up in an interesting way having separate segments that connect with one another. You can sort of see each segment as a separate comic issue that connects over a larger story arc. In the movie the Man of Steel discovers that he is dying and the viewer gets to see what he decides to do over his final moments. In the relatively short amount of film time a lot of different aspects of  Superman's character are explored. You get a good look at his abilities and powers, you see him interact as Clark Kent with other characters and get to see how they view him, you get to see his relationship with Lois (both as a strong friendship and romantic connection) and get a view of how he and his archenemy Lex Luthor thinks. I really recommend this film a lot it. It gives you a great view of what Superman is like.

Ok...the last Lois for this entry is hot off the press....
Superman Unbound: Lois
Episode Quote: Lois: "If I knew I was going to be abducted I might have skipped the heels."
Voice Actress: Stana Katic
Portrayal Critique: This version of Lois was great. She's snarky, sarcastic, fearless not to mention really hot too. Her daredevil attitude, wit and sarcasm basically has her steal every scene that she appears in. Her actress Stana Katic is probably best known for portraying the hot redheaded detective on the TV series Castle. (She also does the voice acting for Talia Al Ghul in Batman Arkham City too.) If you've seen pictures of Stana, you know that she is incredibly hot which just increases the hotness factor for this version of Lois tenfold. Katic does an excellent job of voicing Lois giving her a really spicy personality that is fun to watch on screen. ^_^

Film Critique: What makes this film really shine is the animation. All of the characters look really good especially the female characters. It's awesome that Supergirl has a role in this. I just wish that her or Lois got a barefoot scene in it. The storyline isn't that original. I think all of us have seen Superman take on Braniac in various other incarnations before. The film also seems a little rushed cause I caught an obvious animation mistake. However what the film lack in originality it makes up for in artistic style. The voice acting in the film is very good and so is the dialogue. If you are a Superman fan (like I am), you'll probably enjoy it. ^_^


Ok...I just want to give a another huge thank you to Juancho for helping me out tremendously with this bonus. He was the one reponsible for finding and capping the Superman Doomsday scene. ^_^

I'm sure a lot of Superman fans noticed that there's one animated movie missing from this bonus. That one will tie in with the next bonus.

On that note...there's one final bonus Lois left to post...that's coming up next. ^_^

Up Up and Away!!


  1. Boo. Theres no Foot shots in the last set :(

    1. Yeah Superman vs the Elite and Superman Unbound didn't have any barefoot scenes unfortunately. It's a shame because a barefoot scene involving that incarnation of Supergirl would have been really fun to see. :-)

  2. Beautiful collection! I gotta say Lois from the Doomsday movie was probably my favorite!

    1. :-D Thanks Actionpacked. Yeah that version of Lois is very hot. ^_^

  3. I'm definitely liking all these Loises. :) I haven't seen Superman Unbound yet, but I love Lois' hair in that design. :D