Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lois Lane Super Tribute Part 4: Lois and Clark (Teri Hatcher)

Ok this next Lois segment is a tribute to one of my favorite Superman series "Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman". I really loved this show and watched it religiously when it was airing. When I began working on this bonus (a few years ago), I rewatched the series on DVD trying to cap almost all of Teri Hatcher's foot scenes in it. Enjoy guys. ^_^ 
This was one of the best foot scenes in the series. A criminal put a bomb underneath her workout mat forcing her to do jumping jack on it to prevent it from detonating. She had just finished taking a shower so she was barefoot. Really hot!! 
 This has to be one of best Superman promotional photoshoots ever. Definitely the sexiest. ^_^  
In one of the episodes of the series, Lois got Superman's powers and took on her own heroine persona. She looked really good in latex.
I tossed in a a couple of foot images of Teri Hatcher herself too. 
More caps from the Lois and Clark series. In this episode she uses her bare foot to kick an intruder that got into her apartment in the face.
 Really Lucky Guy!!!
Ok as a little bit of an extra bonus below is a video clip for a barefoot interview Teri Hatcher gave for the movie Two Days in the ValleyIf you go to end of the clip the host plays this little piggy with her toes. Seriously. :-D I just wish the clip was higher quality.
(All of those pictures are a combinations of caps from the Lois and Clark television series and webfinds involving Teri Hatcher in barefoot moments. A special thank you to Juancho for helping me organize and set up this tribute.)

In terms of hotness, Teri Hatcher was in my opinion one of the prettier actresses to play the character. She did a good job portraying Lois adding a little bit more complexity to the character while at the same time keeping the character lighthearted and playful. I don't think the Lois in this series was an easy role to play. Hatcher had to portray a variety of aspects of the character's personality (spunk, wit, romantic feeling, comedy).  She pulled it off beautifully balancing out the character's spunk and vulnerability without making the character seem unbelievable.

As a series, Lois and Clark tended to focus on the romantic relationship between its title characters. It took a lighter tone then some of the other interpretations of the Superman mythos and there were a lot of comedic scenes in it. The series didn't skimp on the action though and still had some intense and dramatic scenes as well.

I really like the portrayal of Clark in the series too. In this version Clark wasn't just a cover for Superman but his real personality. As a result, he was a much more depth to him. You get to see him as a competent, intelligent reporter which a lot of series overlook in favor of a bungling interpretation. This Clark is seen taking a hands on role investigating stories and has regular interactions with other character making the scenes where he was out of costume equally as important as when he was wearing it. Dean Cain, the actor who played Clark/Superman in the series, did a really excellent job portraying the character. ^_^

From a romantic angle, Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain really gave their characters great chemistry. You could see their relationship really develop as the series progressed. It was always fun to watch the two of them on screen together. Whether they were bantering, flirting, just having a casual conversation or kissing. You always found yourself rooting for them as a couple.

This is definitely another series I really recommend checking out. It may be a little dated by today's standards (some of the jokes are downright corny) but there are a lot of really great scenes in the series too.
Here are a couple of highlights of the series courtesy of youtube:

Criminal makes fun of Clark Kent's "disguise"
Funny Scene Compilation
Favorite Scene Compilation

All right I'll let you guys enjoy the pics and clips for now. More Lois Lane still to come. ^_^

Up Up and Away!!


  1. she showed her feet a lot in that series huh?

    1. A few good scenes spaced apart throughout 4 seasons. ^_^ The best was in season 3 episode 1 (the foot mat scene). ^_^

  2. I was hoping you'd post some of her =D, the others were okay, but I find it weird looking at pictures of people from the past knowing they're older now, espicially if I know what they look like now. Teri is still good looking =D

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^ Yeah that can be one of the downsides about tributing classic actresses. ^_^; I think though that even if we were to count all these actresses in their prime, Teri would still be hotter. :-)

  3. I only just saw this series for the first time recently. It's pretty fun. :) I agree about Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, they're great in their roles. She's a very attractive lady with nice feet to boot.

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. Yeah this series was a lot of fun. ^_^

  4. Damn dude, these posts are epic. Nice series you got going here for Louis. I really like these posts. I'm gonna have to catch up really soon. Keep up the good work.