Sunday, June 9, 2013

Superman's Girlfriend: Lois Lane

This more of a follow up to the last segment than part two of the tribute. Lois actually had her own monthly series for a period of time. The series titled "Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane" ran from from 1954 - 1978 for a total of 137 issues and 2 annuals. It pretty impressive for a supporting cast member. I wasn't able to find the series to cap for you guys but I was able to get a hold of its cover gallery. Here are some of the highlights including some great barefoot scenes. :-D

Cat fights
That last one puts Catfight into a completely different context.


Domination Innuendos



Some Others
As good as the above covers are...the series also had one a cover that tops all others. 

Best Comic Cover of All Time!!!!
You tell them Superman!! :-D When I first saw this one, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It still makes me smile every time I see it. 

Ok everyone that's all for tonight. I just want to give a massive thank you to DaytonaRacer500 for tipping me off to this series.

Have a good night and more Lois Feet Tributes still to come!!


  1. Ah, Super-Dickery at its finest. XD

  2. Replies
    1. I'll try Lionel. ^_^ I have a couple of pics for her new 52 incarnation and some from her older series but I'm trying to find more material for her.