Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lois Lane Super Tribute Part 7: Amy Adams

This next segment is a tribute to the Lois of the Upcoming Man of Steel film Amy Adams. It remains to be seen whether this version of Lois will have any good foot scenes in the new film. However, Amy Adams has shown her feet from time to time.
I recognize these three from the movie Julie and Julia
(Various webfinds of Amy Adams and promotional Webfinds for the Man of Steel Movie.)

As a little bit of an extra bonus here is a domination scene of Amy Adams from Cruel Intentions 2
Probably one of her earlier films. ^_^;

I honestly don't know how this version of Lois will play out. Adams is definitely a capable actress having been nominated for several academy awards. She's could really be good in the part. She's also very easy on the eyes. :-D Actually Man of Steel looks like it a lot of really great actors including Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Lawrence Fishburne. The actor playing Superman (Henry Cavill) is new to me but he seems like a really nice guy in his interviews. It also has a good production staff with Chrisopher Nolan and David Goya as writer. Goya wrote the screenplay for Batman Begins and the Dark Knight Rises. I'm pretty optimistic about the film but I guess we'll find out tomorrow for sure. 

Hopefully Amy Adams will have some good foot scenes in the movie as well. If she does I'll do a follow up post for her the second the film comes out on DVD. ^_^

Ok with this bright outlook on the future let's end this entry here. More Lois Still to come. ^_^

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  1. She's indeed a cutie with some beautiful feet, and it looks like she actually takes very good care of them. Great find!

    I'm psyched for the movie, too! I just notice one thing that's off. Look at his hair. Where the hell is the Superman Curl?!

    1. Thanks Actionpacked. ^_^

      O_O That's true. They really should have given him the S curl. I also heard the film wouldn't be using the classic Superman movie theme this time around. I'm really going to miss that.

  2. Just watched Man of Steel this evening. Sadly no scenes involving Amy Adam's feet in it. She was hot though. Hopefully she'll get some in the sequel. ^_^