Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lois Lane Super Tribute Part 6: Superman Returns (Kate Bosworth)

Ok our next Lois up is Kate Bosworth. Superman Returns actually has a really good foot scene involving Lois when she kicks off her shoes to go flying with Superman.
She probably learned something from her shoes falling off midflight so often and prepared herself beforehand. ^_^
Whoever this guy is...he really lucked out this film!!
Her foot looks bigger then his face. O_O
(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from two movies. The first film is Superman Returns (or course ^_^) and The second is a film called Straw Dogs which a lot of great scenes involving Kate's feet. Special thanks to Wikifeet for that one. There are also a couple of candid beach shots thrown in for good measure because everyone loves beach shots.)

Here are clips for both foot scenes:
Superman Returns
Straw Dogs

Kate Bosworth is definitely one of the hotter actresses to play Lois. (Right up there with Teri Hatcher. ^_^) It's difficult to rate her performance because she was only in one film in comparison with the other actresses. I think she did a good job as the reporter. Unfortunately the writing for Superman Returns was pretty weird. I really don't know what the filmmakers were thinking involving Superman in a wacky love triangle and giving him an illegitimate son. It pretty much ensured that there wouldn't be a sequel to it. It's a shame because I think the special effects and the acting of the film were pretty good. Brandon Routh (Superman), Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey (Lex Luthor) all were great as their characters.

What usually happens when I see a cute actress in a part is that I begin to think about what her feet looks like. This was immediately the case when I saw Kate Bosworth cast as Lois. I went into Superman Returns hoping for a good foot scene so you can imagine how happy I was when the film delivered. I think I left the movie theater with my jaw hanging open and developed a permanent crush on Kate Bosworth after that. Seeing her foot scene in Straw Dogs was another good day for me as well.

Ok Everyone...more Lois still to come.

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  1. Ah,the famous SMR Foot scene. Good work.

  2. Yeah, Superman Returns really wasn't a good movie. :\ But the actors really did a good job with what they had to work with. And yeah, Kate's barefoot scene was an unexpected treat. :D

    1. It seems like the producers were counting on the special effects to carry the film. It's a shame because I wouldn't have minded seeing the actors in this film in a sequel but with the storyline they became connected with rebooting the series really became the only way to go. :-( Anyway thanks for the comment Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^

  3. Yes yes, beautiful (as is the whole Lois collection you got goin here)

  4. Those are some nice shots of Kate's feet. I was actually dreaming of her, as Lois, doing a toeoff against Parker Posey (Kitty Kowalski) last night.