Thursday, June 13, 2013

Popeye the Sailor - Bluto tickles Olive Oyl

Well well, look at this little nugget I stumbled upon featuring Popeye's "Numbuh One Goyl".


This is from the classic series.  The episode's called Bridge Ahoy.  In this episode, Bluto owns a ferry to New York.  He is abusive to ferry passengers and charges too much for passage. Olive and Popeye agree to build a bridge so that no one has to use the ferry.  Of course Bluto butts in to stop them and, in the process, Olive ends up slipping and dangling off the half-built bridge for her life.  You know Bluto has a foot fetish when he decides to tickle her foot rather than save her from falling to her death.  LOL


  1. Great Clip Actionpacked. ^_^ It's awesome to see a tickling scene. Bluto definitely looks like he is having a lot of fun doing that. :-D

    1. Thanks, KSC! I wish I was strong enough to just peel off a shoe sole and have some fun.

  2. Olive should put her ather foot on the been then try to pill her seff up with her hand I wish a woman tickle my feet with me hanging up side down on a beem then I rather I be tied to a bed witch that did happin to me twice I loved it .

  3. It's a cartoon if Bluto want to he can olive bent her over tie her up stuff her into his shirt pocket with her ass sticking up with a feather or finger tickle her ass she can't move she can't get out of his shirt pocket she's bent over upper body tied to her legs as he tickles her ass she wiggle and laughing anyone will like that.

  4. Give olive a can of spinsh she eat a can of spinsh and have bluto dangling upside down peal back the soles of his shoe's tickle his feet see how he likes it .