Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lois Lane Super Tribute Part 1: Comics

The new Man of Steel movie comes out next Friday. In Honor of that and Lois' return to the big screen I'm going to be doing tributes to this sexy reporter's feet all week long going through all her various incarnations in Comics, Movies, Tv Shows and  Cartoons.  
Kinky :-D 

(Various webfinds of Lois Lane's feet collected from the web. Huge thank to the Comic Book site Comic Vine as a resource)

Comics are the first media form that Lois appeared. With a 75 year history Lois has really varied a lot in her depiction but there are a lot of attributes that remain consistent. She's a reporter and really good at her job taking the risks that other reporters just aren't willing to take (sometimes at great personal danger to herself). She also comes off as a tough character being able to stare down villains (even going so far to sarcastically taunt them) when she encounters them despite the fact that she doesn't have any powers. I guess she gets that from being the daughter of a general. She tends to be pretty dominating too. I doubt that she would be timid about asking her boyfriend for a foot massage if she wanted one. In contrast with her tough personality, Lois also comes off as really sexy and beautiful. I think she knows she is hot too and has used her sex appeal to score her share of difficult interviews. A lot of her interviewees make the mistake of forgetting how smart is which is dangerous because she is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. Beauty, brains and a dominating personality really make her a great girlfriend.

One thing that I noticed while I collecting these pictures was how often her shoes tend to fall off when she is flying with Superman. I guess a lot of artists thought it was cute to have her shoe fall from that height letting the audience picture how far above ground they are. The fetishist in me likes to believe that it's also because the people involved with her comics know how sexy it was to give the readers a peak at her bare feet  ^_^

Ok everyone that's all for now but more Lois Action throughout the week.

Up Up and Away!!


  1. Ooh, great idea for a tribute series. :D Looking forward to more of Lois!

  2. If you haven't already, can I suggest one Mary Jane Watson for another tribute later on. She's frequently barefoot in various media and I believe has even commented on her preference for being barefoot in the comics now and then.

    Great Lois stuff.

    1. Thanks Rogue Scholar,
      I did a couple of tributes to MJ in the past but am definitely hoping to do more for her in the future. Here were some of them.
      Bambino also did a couple of tributes to her as well.
      I didn't know she made that comment. That's really cool. ^_^