Friday, April 8, 2016

Anime Feet News: Tangled Animated Series Plus Webcomic series Recommendation

Just a quick post today guys. ^_^  This one is more news oriented than anything else. Disney has been working on a Tangled Animated series set to premiere in 2017. Last month they released samples pictures of what the series would look like.

While  I was hoping that this cartoon would be in the CG style of the movie, it is nice to see that everyone's favorite blonde tomboy princess Rapunzel is barefoot again in it. Keep an eye out for the series in the future. ^_^

The other thing that I wanted to share with you guys was a webcomic series I've come across called Disney Pocket Princesses by the artist Amy Mebberson. The series is a bunch of short comic strips involving the Disney Princesses interacting with one another. It's  really a lot of fun. The nice thing for foot fans is that several of the strips feature Disney Princesses barefoot pretty often.

The artist specifically requested that her artwork not be reposted off of her site so I can't upload the strips here but I can link to a couple of strips where barefoot disney princesses are the focus:
Barefoot Comic Strip 1
Barefoot Comic Strip 2
Barefoot Comic Strip 3
Barefoot Comic Strip 4
Barefoot Comic Strip 5
Barefoot Comic Strip 6
Between Pocahontas, Aurora, Esmeralda and Rapunzel it makes sense that barefoot women would get a little bit of notice. There are actually a lot more barefoot moments throughout the series so I'll link to the facebook and tumblr pages for the series too.
Disney Pocket Princess Facebook
Disney Pocket Princess Tumblr
I really recommend checking the series out. ^_^

You guys can also see more of Rapunzel's Feet in these earlier Anime Feet tributes to her:
Hopefully there will be a lot more scenes of her feet to post in the future as well.

Ok that's basically all for now guys. As always, more to come soon!


  1. The two female protagonists of Fire Emblem Fates are both always barefoot

  2. I saw some literature of Tangeled after the film and she is still a barefooter, much cuter with the short brunette hair too

  3. Wow, those comics are adorable! I love the dirty feet ones the most!

    1. :-) Yeah they are great.

      ^_^ It's nice to see all the Disney girls together. Esmeralda, Aurora, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, and Kida are like the perfect barefoot Disney girl dream team. Throw in Cinderella a character who can't keep keep her shoes on and it's really to perfect collection of characters

    2. Oh, yeah, it's great! I'd add Ariel and Melody, too, because we know how much they love their feet and being barefoot as well!

    3. Oh yeah. Those two are great too. ^_^

  4. I follow Amy Mebberson on Tumblr. Love her art. :) Also nice to see Rapunzel hasn't gained shoes like in practically everything else set after the movie. :P

    1. :-) She is really great. ^_^ Yeah it is really nice that animators decided to do that with her.

  5. Hey everyone, I been watching Fairy Tail Zero where Mavis Vermilion is the leading character, and she is showing her nice barefeet in this. Here's 3 episodes that show them:

    And look, I made a gif from the second episode showing Mavis' feet walking:

    1. O_O Thanks so much for that tip and videos Shadowmandude. ^_^ Definitely have to cap these scenes. :-)

      Wow that gif is awesome. :-) It's like we can watch here continuously run nonstop. It's great.