Monday, April 4, 2016

Pokemon Serena 3

Ok guys. Today's tribute is for Ash's 5th Female Traveling Companion in the series Serena. ^_^ Picking up where the other earlier sets dedicated to her left off... here are some additional scenes of her feet. ^_^
(These are from Pokemon XY episodes 15 and 89 and Pokemon XYZ episodes 5 and 20. I had a lot of help with this tribute. Tremendous Thank yous to Unknown, Jack7638, and Bubblesishot46853 for recommending the material used in this tribute)

Previous Anime Feet tributes involving Serena:

Hopefully we've posted all of Serena's barefoot scenes on the site so far. If there are any scenes that we missed. Just let us know and we'll try to cap them. :-)

I'm still just getting back into the Pokemon series so I don't really know too much about Serena yet. From what I've seen of her, she seems like a really sweet girl. She definitely a really dedicated trainer who looks after her pokemon very very well.

The Pokemon wiki revealed that she met Ash as child several years earlier when she was visiting the Kanto region for Summer camp and he helped her when she was lost. As a result she developed tremendous affection for Ash and he inspired her to become a Pokemon trainer.

The nice thing about Serena is that she packs sensibly and seems to take a pair of sandals with her when she's traveling. Most of the time she wears an attractive pair of leather boots and stockings as part of her usual outfit but occasionally there are moments in the anime where she's dressed more casually. During those times she opts for a much more comfortable choice of footwear. A really nice detail by the animators. ^_^

Ok guys... That's basically it for now. As always... more to come soon. ^_^


  1. Yep you seem to have gotten the complete package. These shots are great, and Serena's feet are great!

    ...but they pale in comparison to Bonnie's.

    1. Awesome. :-)

      So many great female characters in Pokemon. ^_^ My personal favorites are May, Claire, and Flannery.

    2. I got tons of favorites. Just check my deviantArt gallery, and I have two memes that list them.

    3. :-) I think I found one of them. Really good choices. ^_^ I like Skyla, Bianca and Phoebe a lot too. :-)

  2. cute but Misty will still be Ash's best female companion

  3. This is how I rank Pok├ęgirl feet

    1. Dawn
    2. Serena
    3. Iris
    4. Misty
    5. May
    6. Bonnie (know she's young but with not enough Serena action ya gotta take what you can get)

    1. Bonnie at the bottom? She needs to be higher, especially higher than nasty mean Iris!