Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fire Emblem Series: Fire Emblem Fates Part 1

Before I start this I would love to give a huge shout out to for translating a lot of these for us! His site rocks! If you have any bit of interest in translations or the process of them I suggest checking it out. His work was a huge help in getting this whole thing together.

I was going to do these in order but the demand for Fire Emblem Fates was staggering so this is as good as place as any to start.

Fire Emblem is an turn-based strategy RPG developed by Intelligent Systems which was originally for the Nintendo Entertainment System .-- Japan only however. Since then they have spawned 12 original titles and 2 large-scaled remakes that continue to adapt and evolve with the times.

In this Fire Emblem Fates series I will cover the majority of the female characters in the game as well as give small gameplay tips and advice on how to use them or if they are worth using. I should note that while it may not drawn pretty much every single female character in Fire Emblem Fates can go barefoot through the use of the new Accessory Shop. In the Japanese version you could buy various Bikinis but in the localized version you may only purchase a Bath Towel but you may view them in their bikinis in the model viewer. I am unable to capture content through my 3DS efficiently so I will unfortunately not be able to show that part off... but a nice google search can give you the content you seek.

Well, enough jabbering! Let's get to the point! This is Corrin who is the main character.

Corrin is the main character so you'll be using her the whole game pretty much. I don't have much advice to give about her since they are pretty self explanitory and function well in all team setups and pretty much one of the best units in the game. Try to pair them up with a child or a unit who can't marry anyone but them so that you could get all kids, though!

You can pick her gender and customize her appearance to your liking at the start of the game! She’s also in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS which is why she has a pretty good CG render.

Next up is Azura!

Azura is a secondary protagonist and featured in all three routes. The third path, Revelations, heavily features her and explains much more of her mysterious background. She’s a really fun character to use, too, as she’s the typical dancer but can also hit enemies realty hard and fast. She’ll take a bit of babying, though, as she starts out weak and she never gets a good amount of HP. That being said she’s an excellent unit and worth using in all 3 games just for her singing skill alone. (In Fire Emblem dancers/singers refresh you and allow you to move another time during your phase. This is very useful for clearing out immediate threats.)

Next up is Sakura!

Sakura is your younger sister from Hoshido which is the country you fight for in Birthright. She’s very awkward, nervous and un-formal which is very unlike most princesses. However she is an incredible healer and will become a great fighter once you upgrade her class. Using a bow she can effectively pick off tons of foes allowing your harder hitters to focus on stronger threats. Like with every royals you also get her in Revelations as well.

Next up is Hinoka!

Hinoka is your older sister from Hoshido. She is a very powerful sky knight who can hit really hard and take a ton of hits… that aren’t from enemy archers. Her speed, great skills and incredible movement range make her an amazing pick for your army- just pay attention for any enemy bow users as they will put a quick end to her.

Next up is Elise!

Elise is your younger step-sister from Nohr in the Conquest route. She loves her siblings more than anything in the world and will do anything to make them safe. She starts out as a healer on a horse which gives her great range but will eventually turn out to be a fantastic magic user that can take hits from enemy mages and take out some big threats given they have low resistance which they usually do. 

Camilla is your older sister from Nohr. She loves nothing more than taking care of you and treating you like a kid. She’s a very powerful wyvern rider who can do some light magic on the side. She hits incredibly hard and can take some big hits –similar to Hinoka, as long as she stays away from bow units. 

Phew. I think this is going to be it for now! With the main characters out of the way it will be time for me to focus on the side characters next. I'm thinking I'll do the parents and then do the kids/others afterwards. I will do these gradually over time and not regularly but it does feel good to get the first one out.
As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Beautifully done post Mrbatemanwearingawig. It really was awesomeness overload getting to see all these women at once. :-)

    1. Thank you! The next post will be an even bigger overload.

  2. Congrats on this, dude! All that's missing is shots from the CG cutscenes!

    By the way, did you know Sakura and Hinoka love running barefoot in the grass? Hinoka confirms it in their C-Support!

    1. Yeah, I did know that. I'm unsure if I will do the CG cutscenes or not... There are great shots to be had in them but to get the material and source will be hard. If I find a good source I will surely cap it.

    2. It shouldn't be too hard. You can just find the Japanese cutscenes (there's no subs in Japanese) and get the caps from there.

    3. It's a little more complicated than that... but I will try to get them up when I can find a satisfying source.

      As for your Bonnie request I might add her in a future Jessie post I will be making shortly as the new movie trailer provided some decent stuff.