Monday, April 18, 2016

Starfire Comics

Ok here is a tributes to Starfire's various comic book depictions. Originally I intended to post these images with the Justice League vs Teen Titan Starfire caps I posted last week but I didn't finish cropping all of them in time. This worked out really well though because the new Starfire issue that came out last Wednesday had several images involving her in a swimsuit. :-D Anyway, This set will be divided up into 3 sections...
Pre New 52 Continuity 
Before DC relaunched all its comics in 2011 altering the history of all its characters, Starfire's character was largely connected with the Teen Titans. This is the version of her character most of her animated incarnations are based upon. 
As a Titan she had a relationship with Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing). 

Red Hood And The Outlaws Starfire
The Red Hood and the Outlaws comic book series was Starfire's first appearance in the New 52 universe. In that series she teamed up with the Red Hood (Jason Todd the Second Robin) and Red Arrow (Roy Harper) forming a group of Anti-Heroes. The writers changed some details of her background removing the time period she spent with the Teen Titans from her origin.
Writing wise the series had some problems that Critics didn't like but the art work done by Kenneth Rocafort was top notch.
The series seemed to provide a lot of fanservice regarding Starfire particularly in issues 1 and 6 where she dons a swimsuit.
Sadly with so many different characters and storylines that the new 52 had to offer that I only managed to read part of this series. If there are any additional Red Hood and the Outlaws scenes I missed, let me know and I'll try to post them. Ok Moving on...

Starfire's Ongoing Current Comic Series
This latest series featuring Starfire is amazing. It's written by by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connors who you guys might remember from the Power Girl posts
The series perfectly blends comedy and action and includes some really nice fanservice in the process. ^_^
Starfire's sister seen above is known as Blackfire. In the comics she often appears as a villainess.
One of the fun things this comic series does is caption some of its segments. The above panel was appropriately titled Wet and Wild. :-D
:-) I find myself craving a different type of toes. 
I would definitely hire her. ^_^
The black haired hottie is Terra Atlee another side character who appeared in the Power Girl series. You might remember her from this cameo appearance in the Power Girl posts. ^_^
One of these these days I will give Atlee a Tribute of her own. ^_^
In case you are wondering the third girl is Stella a Hawaiian Sheriff who befriends Starfire.
The Squid actually works for Atlee. He was just trying to give Starfire a massage. I wish that I had his job. ^_^
(These are a combination of webfinds from the sites Otakuphrenia, Pintinterest and Comic Vine as well as  caps of  from various issues involving Starfire. Two series to look into are her current monthly ongoing series, and Red Hood and the Outlaws.)

More of Starfire's feet can be found in these earlier tributes here:

All right... that's basically all for now. I definitely really recommend checking the Starfire Ongoing series out. It's really very good. Also if there are any images of Starfire's feet that I missed. Let me know and I'll try to find and post them. :-)

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  1. Starfire is awesome. Great series of posts!

  2. I hated what the New 52 did to her character. Glad to see she seems to be written better now. :)

    1. Yeah Kenneth Rocafort's artwork aside Red Hood vs the Outlaws was hard to read. Yeah Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connors really did a great job on the character. Also loved the artwork from Emanuela Lupacchino the woman who penciled the first 8 issues of the series.

  3. i love it when I see her boots lying on the grass.