Saturday, April 2, 2016

Morrigan Bonus 2

Ok... Since Morrigan won last month's poll, here is a tribute to the Sexy Succubus. Enjoy Guys!!
You can find a higher Quality version of this swimsuit image posted above here
A panup of Morrigan's infamous bathing scene in the Nightwarriors OAV.  ^_^
The images below are from a game called Cross Edge an RPG crossover game ala Kingdom Hearts. The game provided quite a bit of fanservice in the way of hot alternate outfits for it's female characters to wear.
There's even a sexy Sailor Moon like transformation sequence as the character changes clothes. ^_^
The Cross Edge Description of this outfit was "a Kimono for Morrigan. She's definitely sexy but she's not wearing it right." It doesn't look like there is anything wrong about it to me. ^_^;
This sexy outfit is Morrigan's Venus De Milo outfit. 
I was trying to  find a larger image of this outfit to send you guys but didn't have much luck. If you manage to come across a larger image of Morrigan wearing that sexy dress please let me know about it.
(Various images of Morrigan scoured from across the web, anime, and various videogames. I think that I had help collecting some of this material but I can't remember the poster who sent it in. ^_^;  If you remember e-mailing me some of these pictures, just let me know and I'll credit you in the post.)

Previous Tribute To Morrigan

Protip: By clicking the Label Succubus, it filters out all the Succubi tributes posted on the site. Just keep clicking on the older posts link in the lower right hand corner until you get to the last of them. There have been 4 succubus women posted on Anime Feet so far. I'll give a prize to the first person who can tell me their names.

Bonus: Barefoot Images of Morrigan Cosplayers

If you visit the Darkstalker's wiki. You'll see that they give the measurements for their female characters. That's actually pretty cool. I'm guessing that they were probably taken from in game bios for the characters. Morrigan's specs are as follows. ^_^

Height: 5'8" or 172 cm
Weight: 128 lbs or 58kg
Three Sizes: B86 cm W56cm H83cm
Given those Specs, I'd estimate Morrigan's shoe size to be about a 9 1/2 to 10.

It's really easy to see why Morrigan was able to win the poll last month. Everything about the character is designed to be tempting. Her leather high-heeled boots and tight fitting clothing accentuating her body definitely is enough to raise a person's pulse rate. Then you have her teasing smile and exotic looks to make you completely fall for her. It's easy to understand why most fans would want to kiss her feet for luck. ^_^ 

If you played the Darkstalker videogames, you know that Morrigan has a habit of sexily teasing her opponents. Somehow being tortured/abused by her, losing your soul to her, or becoming her slave for eternity doesn't seem all that terrible when she says it. ^_^;

I guess everyone loves a bad girl. ^_^

Ok guys that's all for now. Have a great weekend!!


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  2. Amazing Morrigan XD didn't know there were that many foot pics of her, and I had not seen the House Shoe version of that set very sexy. Don't know if you knew this, but her outfit is made up of bats, and each bat is a victim of hers....So you better hope you can please her feet XD

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^

      O_O I didn't know that about the bats. Yeah if I had to lose my soul to her I hope that she would make me wind up at her feet as often as possible. ^_^

    2. That's a good point XD you could be her boots or her tights, such a lovely life, hell I'd settle for her nail polish XD

    3. :-) Really hot. Being transformed into any of those things would be great.

      Also her insole. That way your soul would be under her sole. ^_^

  3. Also I'm kinda surprised you don't have that Pic of her and Lilith, though it may be a bit to risque....

    1. :-D Oh yeah... That image is really hot!! It's hard to believe that was actually official Capcom artwork for the game. ^_^

  4. I didn't know she went barefoot that much. Great post!

  5. a succubus knows how to get our attention

    1. :-) Yes... The ultimate temptress. ^_^

  6. Ahhh I remember watching that anime scene over...and over..and over :) love the post!

  7. Nice compliation, KSC! Oh, a quick recommendation. In the new movie Justice League vs Teen Titans, Wonder Woman fights Cheetah at the beginning, and there's quite a few good shots of Cheetah's feet. In case you're interested. ;)

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. O_O That's awesome. Good timing with the tip too. I just got a copy of that movie this weekend. I'll try to cap that scene.

    2. Wow you weren't kidding. There are a lot of great shots in it. ^_^