Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WindFlash Heroes: Charisse the Dragon

A fellow blogger requested that I do a tribute to his OC anime character Charisse the Dragon. 
Cherisse Relaxing on the Couch. ^_^
Shoe removal. 
Charisse's pink flats.
walking through mud. 
(A Big Thank You to Scott Devine for sending these pictures in.)

Charisse is one of the main character in WindFlash Heroes (an anime focusing on the adventures of Charizard's children). She is the daughter of Charizard and sister of Charet another protagonist in the series. She is also dating Blastoise's son Hydro. In the anime Charisse is 17.

WindFlash Heroes is itself a spin-off to the Charizard Ex sagas; another series where Charisse and her brother plays a supporting role.

Additional reading: 

Charisse seems like a cute character and WindFlash Heroes seems like it would be a cool anime. Best of luck to its creator.

Until Next Time Guys!

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