Monday, June 27, 2016

Street Fighter V: Juri Han + Summer Karin

Hey! It's been awhile. I'm going to try to post more and what better way than to keep up the on-going summer theme of this blog?  Previous post here.

Normally I would wait for better resolution but something tells me that's just not going to happen for awhile but last night they finally revealed what Juri Han looks like in Street Fighter V.

She will be playable this Friday actually but only in the Story Mode. She's not ready for competitive play just yet.

Next up there's the lovely Ibuki. Unfortunately in her redesign she is no longer barefoot but I expect some barefoot alts and we do already have a sandals one coming up so stay tuned for that.

And finally just announced a few hours ago! Street Fighter V is getting a beach stage and with it they are saying there are going to be summer outfits for everyone! To show off this resort they decided to use Karin!

So I'm probably going to have to make another Street Fighter V related post pretty soon. As for other projects you can expect me to make another Maya Fey post this week which will detail all shots from episode 4-12.

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Oh God... That alternate for Ibuki is horrible. I really hope we get actually barefoot beach outfits for the girls and not the sandals ones that Capcom always does.

  2. always glad to see Juri, though why is she covered up?

  3. Wow some really great news. Looks like the Street Fighter girls will have some really sexy alternate outfits. Here's hoping Ibuki gets a barefoot costume too. I'm really happy to hear about the beach stage too and looking forward to more Maya. Great post Mrbateman. ^_^

  4. Ibuki's alt reminded me of Kunimitsu from Tekken and that's a good thing; May not be barefooted like in her original design but I like the warajis nonetheless. As for the summer DLC, My kingdom for Chunners in a swimsuit (and for course for the other ladies). *0*

  5. Really not a fan of either of Ibuki's new costumes. :\ But I LOVE Juri's new outfit!