Friday, June 24, 2016

Commercial Feet Vol 1: Erin Esurance

A light post tonight. With all the reported cases of barefoot shock connected with the website over the the years, it makes sense to have an insurance agent on our side.  To do that I decided to tribute sexy female insurance agent from the Esurance ads Erin Esurance
(A big thank you to the Master of Sole Shot Match25 for these)

Like a lot of people when Esurance ran a series of ads depicting this sexy female agent, I was quick to develop a crush on her. She was awesome... beautiful, intelligent, and spunky with all the badass the acrobatic, stealth and martial arts moves that you would expect of a female agent. Her regular outfit was a skintight catsuit that accentuated her body. She also tended to move around a lot in it accomplishing feats such as sneaking into ways only a trained spy could to  hack a security system, or fighting off rival agents. In both cases she made it like easy just like the online insurance she was selling. Her minute long ad were more enough to get me fantasizing about her (often picturing what her feet looked like underneath her boots). I wasn't the only only one she made an impression on apparently and she developed quite a following on the web.

In fact... the character proved so popular online that Esurance had to stop running ads involving her. As this site will attest, the internet has some crazy tastes and her company didn't know how to deal with her internet fans. :-)  

When the series of ads involving her aired. I didn't know that Erin actually went barefoot in one of them. When Match showed me this commercial I was really psyched.  It's nice to be able to cross tributing a sexy female advertisement mascot's feet off my bucket list officially joining movie girls, videogames girls, comic girls, anime girls, cartoon women, female musicians, live action women, female literary characters and original female characters posted on the site.

Ok so onto the Marathon status. So far so good. With Bambino's help the site has posted tributes for 5 days straight extending the marathon 2 extra days. ^_^

98 posts left to go. :-D