Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Poll 64 Results

It's that time again... The 64th Poll of the month has come to a close and after a Whalloping 829 votes... Here are the results!!
(Sidenote: Which do you guys prefer the results to be posted in images or text?)
And the other candidates that people wrote in....
:-D This is a first...This month's winner was a write in candidate. Yup it looks like Kitty was able to phase through her competition claiming the top spot and proving that her boots are the ones that most fans would enjoy taking off. In second place with a strong standing was the Sensational She Hulk and Black Widow was able to sneak securely into 3rd place. Don't feel too bad for the rest of these women. They all proved to have foot fans of their own and none of them walked away with less than 4 votes.

As always I just want to give a tremendous thank you to everyone for voting and sharing your opinions. This was a particular fun poll for me to do because I love Comic book girls a lot and you guys really went all out with the recommendations this month. We had a record number of suggested heroines sent in doubling the number of characters in this poll. I also want to thank Flynn Mars too for recommending this poll in honor of Marvel's Civil War being released that month. It was a great suggestion.

:-D I can't blame most of you for liking Kitty. She is really cute. I'll get started on a new tribute for her and I might do a couple of comic book chapters for her as well. Actually I hope to post tributes to all the women in this poll. It's quite a sexy group of girls.

Ok guys that's all for now. A lot to do this month. I hope to post a new poll tonight and I'm still working on Harley's set. 3 more posts involving her to go. always... more to come soon. ^_^


  1. You guys probably can guess this but out of all these girls, Jean Grey is my favorite. As mentioned above though I can't blame you guys for liking Kitty. She is really cute. :-) Actually all the women in this one are hot. It's definitely not easy to decide between them.

    Anyway really Great Voting Everyone!!

  2. XD I voted for Rogue but kitty's cool too XD

    1. :-D I suspected that Rogue might be your pick for this one. Yeah they are both great. I wouldn't mind being at the feet of any of these heroines. ^_^

  3. It was a really tough choice as I love just about all of those characters. It came down to Mary Jane or Shadowcat for me. :)

    (Also, it astounds me how often those "other" candidates people wrote in have absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the poll. Doing anime characters and DC characters in a Marvel poll. People need to learn to read.)

  4. :-) Both those girls are awesome.

    Yeah the write ins surprise me every time. ^_^; I think some of them were just using it to share their favorite characters. I tried to add any legitimate candidate suggestions to the poll as a option but there are always some recommendations that just don't fit. Amazingly Nico managed to tie with some of the actual candidates in the poll although I suspect that it was the same person entering her as an option multiple times.

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  6. Thanks for crediting me! Civil War was great! There was even a brief shot of Scarlet Witch barefoot in one scene.

    1. :-) Thanks again for the great suggestion Flynn. Yeah I really enjoyed Civil War too. :-) That was a really great scene. ^_^

  7. I'm the one wup suggested Crystal the Inhuman. She's a real hottie; and a real underrated one, actually. :) Though in all honesty her sister, Queen Medusa, had more barefoot stuff in her repertoire overall.

    My second choice for the poll was Mary Jane Watson, third would be Jean Grey. As you can probably tell by now, them Marvel redheads with sexy feet drive me CUH-RAZY. XD

    1. Crystal was a great suggestion. ^_^ Both her and her sister rock. :-)

      Both really cool choices. Totally agree with you. Marvel redheads are awesome. :-)