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Harley Quinn Megapost Part 2: Live Action Harley w/ Bonus

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Ok... onto Part 2 of this tribute. ^_^ This segment will focus on Harley's live action appearances and the actresses taking on the role. Obviously the most well known live action actress portraying her right now is Margot Robbie who we'll see in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. 
Suicide Squad Harley (Margot Robbie)

Having seen the trailers for the film. I'm really excited for August. Margot seems to be great in the role of the comedic villainess and really captures the character's personality. She also seems like she's really having a fun time playing the role. I also watched the movie Focus another film that pairs Margot Robbie with Will Smith (who plays Deadshot in Suicide Squad). The two actors worked well together so I'm excited to see them team up again. It certainly helps that Margot is fairly hot

Another nice thing about the Suicide Squad trailers is that if you look closely at them. You'll notice that Harley is barefoot in one of the scenes. It's really quick but if you pay close attention, you can see her feet during a scene where it looks like she is performing gymnastics in her cell. At least they'll be one barefoot moment to look forward to when watching the film. Here's hoping that it makes the final cut.

When I post a live actress, I like to include their measurements so that it could help you visualize her and the character she is playing better mentally. Margot is 5'6, weighs rough 126 pounds and has a bust, waist, and hip size of 34-23-34. Her shoe size is 7.  ^_^

 Ok our next version of Harley is probably a lot rarer. ^_^ It dates back to the short lived Birds of Prey series of 2002.
Birds of Prey Harley (Mia Sara)
Birds of Prey took place in a version of Gotham where Batman was forced to abandon the city after a rough confrontation with the Joker. In his absence, the city was protected by the Birds of Prey (a superheroine team consisting of Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary).
In the series Harley Quinn was the main villain masquerading as a police psychiatrist while secretly taking control of the Gotham criminal underworld behind the scenes. 
She actually has a really good barefoot scene in the episode Slick where one of her subordinates approaches her during a shower. ^_^
In the final episode of the Birds of Prey series. Harley steals the powers of a Metahuman giving her the ability to hypnotize people at will. She proceed to run wild with it for the rest of the episode. First she hypnotizes Huntress getting the heroine to attack her friends. Next the villainess decides to hypnotize Barbara's aka Oracle's boyfriend forcing him to make out with her before promptly killing him off.
Quinn also uses her powers for her own amusement forcing one of the Birds of Prey's allies to lose his mind. She eventually decides to keep him as her pet forcing him to act like a dog or a monkey on a whim.
In addition to that she brainwashes as Alfred as well keeping him as her personal servant and getting him to shine her shoes for her. ^_^
While I would love to tell you guys that Birds of Prey was an awesome series. The most I can really say is that it is moderately entertaining at best. Being a huge comic book fan I did enjoy the series but I have to attribute a lot of that to having a crush on Huntress. Having rewatched a couple of episodes of the series for this tribute, I don't think the series has aged all that well. 

To be fair, there are some entertaining moments and some good action scenes. I think that the actresses did a good job but they didn't really have a lot of stories to do their characters justice. It was like DC refused to let any of the major Bat villains or Characters (Oracle not withstanding) appear in this. The series was bogged down with filler episodes and cliches (i.e. Dinah/Canary being adopted by heroes in a similar fashion to Jubilee from X-men or Huntress falling in love with a police officer who she keeps her identity a secret from). Also at a certain point in the series you really start getting annoyed that Batman doesn't show his face in this. Take note Supergirl production team... the work arounds to avoiding showing a more popular hero's face get old really fast.

I do give the series credits for introducing me to both Huntress and Canary who I wasn't that familiar with at the time.There are also some nice homages to the Batman mythos (i.e. the bar in the series is named No Man's Land). The series are available for free on CW seed though if you want to check them out.I can say that the last episode is definitely worth watching.

Getting into Harley's portrayal in the series, Mia Sara actually does a wonderful job with the character. Harley has always been a multi-layered character and Mia manages to juggle all the aspects of Harley's personality really well. She's can shift from cool and calculating, to playful or deliciously crazy as the situation requires and she seems to do it pretty naturally. Harley isn't typically cast in the role of master criminal but Mia manages to make that believable. When she's maintaining her fascade of being police psychiatrist she able to feign compassion for her patients. This is quickly contrasted with her criminal activities scenes. When she's taking to her henchman, there's no question from her demeanor that she is the boss. Mia also has great comedic timing. Murder typically isn't a humorous situation but  Mia makes Harley enjoy the activity so much you can't help smiling along with her in a "That's so wrong" type of way. The series doesn't shy away from the physical elements of Harley's character either and we do get a couple of martial arts scenes involving her. Her acrobatic work isn't quite on the level of other depictions of her it is still cool that her charact

Mia Sara specs are a height of 5'4", a weight of approximately 115 lbs and her body measurements are 30-23-33. Her shoe size is 7 1/2.

Ok next up let's dive into some fanfilm interpretations of the character.
Mr. J Series Harley (Johanna Telander)
The Mr. J series is a group of 4 fanmade shorts by the company Blinky Productions. It focuses on the Joker's earlier relationship where he "seduces" her towards his way of thinking. 
It's actually a very well made for a fan project. 
The the big reason that it is featured here though is that there is a nice foot scene in the 3rd episode when Harley is trying on her costume for the first time.
You have to give the team behind this series a lot of credit. The film was non-profit so they had a very limited budget but the acting was really excellent. Both the Joker and Harley Quinn's depiction in this was spot on. I know that this is a Harley Quinn tribute but you really have to give the Joker in this series props. This version of the Joker is heavily inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker in the Dark Knight and it is incredibly good. I always find myself doing a double take when I watch it. Kudos to his actor Chris Notarile for his portrayal. 

Harley in this series is performed by Johanna Telander. She was definitely able to match her co-stars doing a very accurate depiction of both Harley accent and mannerisms. :-) The character goes through an dramatic transformation in the series which Johanna capture nicely. If you guys want to watch the series, the first episode is located here:
and you can find the rest of the series on the Blinky500 youtube channel here:

Johanna's stats are as follows:
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 114 lbs
Measurements: 33-25-35
Shoe Size: 8 1/2 

Ok next up is a fun one...
Super Power Beat down Harley (Amy Johnston)
Super Power Beat Down is is another fan made series on Youtube where characters face off against each other in a Live Action throwdown. The outcomes of each of the battles are decided by fans who vote on the battle via a poll. 
Harley appeared in episode 16 in a double matchup where her and the Joker faced off against Domino and Deadpool. 
I remember watching the episode and thinking that the Harley in this series was really cute. So I did what I normally do after I see an actress that made an impression on me.... I looked up her feet online. :-p 
As it turns out her Actress in this series is a martial artist which makes a lot of sense if you watch the episode because Harley does have a badass set of moves in this. ^_^
It should also be noted that Amy already has a wikifeet page dedicated to her so clearly I wasn't the only of us impressed by her. ^_^
Harley kicks looked incredibly graceful on film but they are difficult to catch because her actress moves so fast. :-)
For the record I did look up the actress playing Domino as well. Her name is Tatiana DeKhtyar. She has a wikifeet page as well. ^_^
(Just to clarify... all of these the images are either caps or webfinds. Several of stat and images were obtained visiting each of these actresses respective websites while other images I acquired from visiting each of these girl's wikifeet pages. Also thrown into the mix are several caps of  foot related scenes from each of their movies. ^_^)

I have to say that the episode of featured above was incredibly awesome. The team who put together the episode really worked hard on it and there's a lot that was squeezed into this episode that comic fans can enjoy. The fight scenes in this are well choreographed and Amy Johnston (being both a dancer and martial artist) is probably the most athletic of the Harley Quinn actresses to play the role. This is the one live action of Harley where her gymnastic/acrobatic moves can match up with some of the tumbling moves we see in the cartoons.  

I definitely recommend watching this episode which is available at the Super Power  Beatdown Youtube Channel here:

Ok... Amy Johnston's stats are as follows...
Height: 5'4
Weight: 113 lbs
Measurements: 34-24-35
Shoe Size: 7.5

She definitely rocked in this role. ^_^

:-) One more guys....
Bat Romance Harley (Nikki BreAnne Wells)
This  Harley appears in the following music video (parodying a popular song)  featured here: It is one of those videos that's impossible to watch without smiling.

:-D I like this version of Harley a lot. She's only featured for a couple of minutes but you can tell that she's captured Harley's comedic timing and spunky personality perfectly. It's worth noting that Harley's singing vocal is performed by Lisa Easley who matches her animated counterpart's voice beautifully. In terms of the physical aspects of the role though Nikki Breanne Wells portrays her perfectly too. It certainly doesn't hurt that this version of Harley is really easy on the eyes and as the music video demonstrates extremely flexible. ^_^ You can imagine how awesome it was to see her along with equally sexy versions of Catwoman and Poison Ivy in that video.

Anyway Nikki's BreAnne Wells stats are as follows...
Height 5'3"
Weight 93 lbs
Measurements: ???
Shoe Size: 8

A special thanks to His Divine Shadow for recommending this version. :-)

All right guys. I'm still not done yet. Because you've made it this far into the post I have a special surprise for you... A Harley Quinn Cosplay bonus set.  Have fun!! ^_^

Ok everyone... That's basically going to do it for tonight. I'm still not quite down with Harley yet and there are two additional sets to post involving her. On that note... more to come soon!

Have a great weekend everybody!!


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