Sunday, June 26, 2016

Freaky Stories: Anne Marie

I barely made it home in time to post an entry so once again it's going to be a quick post. Tonight's subject is a cute redhead from Freaky Stories. ^_^ 
(These are from Freaky Tales Episode 5. A big thanks to JTurner for this scene)

Anne Marie was a beauty queen who would do anything to win.  In an attempt to win a beauty pageant, she took an experimental set of diet pills as a substitute for food. Needless to say it didn't work out quite like she wanted. I can't really say much else without revealing the outcome of her tale. You guys can probably figure out what happened though  

Ok made tonight's post by the skin of my teeth. I apologize for the light posts lately. Busy weekend and I'm juggling a bit. I'm still hanging in there for the summer marathon though and so far the site has yet to miss a daily post. Now if we can only keep this up for 96 more days.

In case you guys are wondering about how the marathon is going... here is the breakdown for tonight...

Marathon Day 7
Posts so Far 7
Extra post so far 3
96 posts left to go.

I guess this wraps the first week. ^_^ As always more to come soon!!