Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Marathon Begins

Ok the Marathon is a go. 100 days of feet posts. :-D Kicking things off... Here are a series of Swimsuit / Beach related wallpapers...
(Various Webfinds from Across the Net. ^_^)

So this is how the marathon going to work. As mentioned before I'll be posting regularly on the site for 100 days straight. However to give other posters on the site the opportunity to post their material, I'll only post on days where the site hasn't been updated. If I notice that the site has already been updated earlier in the day...I'll extend the marathon an additional day and wait until the next day to post material. That means the site will be updated daily and there will be at least 100 new tributes by the end of this. ^_^

To keep track of where we are in the marathon, the usually Anime Feet tagline has been replaced with the Marathon status results showing how many days the marathon has been going on, how many tributes have been completed, and how many tributes are left to post. There's also a widget in the sidebar with more detailed stats. ^_^

To be honest guys... This is probably one of the most ambitious things I've attempted on the site and I'm not 100% sure I can pull it off. I don't think I've ever posted 100 days straight in the history of the site. It should be fun to try though and with the material you guys have been sending in and encouragement everyone provides... There's no shortage of motivation. Many of the tributes during this marathon will probably be on the light side (i.e. fun but not mega-post level) but I do have some really awesome material saved up that I'm hoping to post as well. Hopefully this will be the opportunity to clear off my backlog.

If you guys can... wish me luck. I'm definitely going to really need it for this one. Also feel free to give any suggestions of things you might want to see during the marathon and I'll do my best to try and post what you want.

All right *Rolls up Sleeves* Let's Do This!!! :-D


  1. I so hate the heat, but man does the fact beauties start wearing foot revealing shoes sure does help


      Lucy Heartfilia vs Tartaros. There's a good sole shot when she's kicking the soldiers. Completely barefoot.

    2. Awesome. ^_^ Thank you for it. :-D