Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ultimate Spider Man: White Tiger

Ok as promised here is a follow up to yesterday's post. This one features Ava Ayala aka the heroine White Tiger.
(The bulk of these were capped from Ultimate Spiderman Season 4 Episode 12. Once again a massive thank you to JTurner for tipping me off to this episode.)

First off... it has to be said. I really want to smack whoever decided to put the TV-Y7 logo in the worst possible place for us. Seriously does it really need to make it that big and what was wrong with the corner of the screen? ^_^;  *Sighs* I guess this episode will be on DVD soon enough.

Ok...onto happier stuff. The Ultimate Spider-man team does deserve a really massive set of kudos for touching upon a wide range of characters in the marvel universe. The series has introduced me to a lot of new characters that have appeared in the comics only recently. Ava is definitely one of those. As a lot of you know, I'm a bit (ok total) comic book nerd so I consider my knowledge of comic characters (especially female ones) to be better than most but even I've never heard of White Tiger before this series featured her.  She is a great character though being both intelligent and athletic; possessing cat-like reflexes and speed thanks to the powers of a mystical amulet. She also has the ability to control felines. This character is smart enough to get better grades than Peter Parker and her amulet abilities and training can make her physically dangerous to an opponent as well. She is definitely a double threat. ^_^ 

Personality-wise Ava is a perfectionist putting a lot of effort into any task she's assigned. She's very down to business but has been known to crack a joke or two. ^_^

As the above images will attest, Ava is quite attractive looking incredibly gorgeous in a swimsuit. (Apparently she quite flexible as well and skilled at gymnastics as well.) We don't get to see a lot of Latino heroines in comics that often so it's really great to see her featured on the show. ^_^

Ok everyone. That's it for tonight. There's still one more set of caps from this episode but that's for the next post.

Until Next Time Guys. ^_^


  1. Jinx is barefoot in Teen Titans Go! Scary Figure Dance

    1. O_O Will try to get it. Thanks so much for the tip GumballW.

    2. Us Foot Fetishers must stick together after all

  2. took long enough for her to show off her feet

    1. Hopefully we'll get to see them again in the future. :-)