Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hina Logi from Luck and Logi: Yayoi Tachibana

Today's post is a cute Magical Girl transformation scene. ^_^
(A Special Thanks to Cory Jones for introducing me to this scene from Hina Logi from Luck & Logic Episode 2)

Luck & Logic is a fantasy series involving a war in a mystical realm called Tetraheaven. In the aftermath of the war beings called Majins have invaded the human world (called Septpia) creating a mass of problems (Xenophobia, clashes between Humans and Majins etc). To smooth things over, the human world's government send out  "Logicalists" (a special police division) to resolve disputes. Logicalists have the ability to go into a trance gaining powers from the Goddesses of other worlds.

Yayoi Tachibana is one of the main character of the anime Luck & Logic series Hina Logi. She is a Logicalist from a High class family. She has two underling sister Karen and Karin who she looks after. I don't really know too much about her. She looks really cute though and seems to pack a lot of magical powers. :-) Her feet look gorgeous. ^_^

Ok...that's all for now guys. Enjoy the images and as always... more to come soon!


  1. I heard that this anime was awful.

    1. That so? I haven't heard anything of this anime. I didn't even know it aired until coming across it on Gogoanime.

    2. Mostly because it was based on an very hard card game that the unfortunate part is that games can end as early as Turn 5 and it still takes that long to get there. You can imagine how well this would work out in a tournament setting where you have to play four or five games in one sitting. There was also an overwhelming ruleset that tends to ward off newbies.

    3. Well, I'm not one for card games save for Uno and a few others, nor am I someone who really watches magical girl anime unless I REALLY want to. And there's no way I can sit THAT long.

    4. Then this anime is not really for you.

    5. I haven't seen this anime myself or played the games myself. It looks like it has beautiful animation though.

    6. Hope you don't mind watching bad anime or playing hard card games.

    7. I don't know if I will actually watch this series. I might be just content to cap the foot scenes from it.

    8. I'm with KingsSideCastle on this one. My only excuse for watching this for either potential foot scenes, or if I'm bored and have nothing else to watch.

    9. Noah, I'm with you because I only watch stuff like this is for my boredom and needed time to kill like I did with a bunch of idol anime like Idol Memories.