Sunday, July 29, 2018

Zettai Karen Children: Naomi

Came across a little a little more from Zettai Karen Children earlier this month. They aired a hot spring episode with a few more scenes of the female characters. Tonight's post is just a short post but they'll be more from this series over the next couple of days. ^_^
(These are from Zettai Karen Children episode 11. Special Thank you to Noah for introducing me to the series. ^_^)

Naomi is an Esper with the ability of Psychokinesis. She has the ability to destroy objects or stop them from moving in midair. She can also use her powers to fly. :-D As a member of B.A.B.E.L. Naomi is a strong fighter and a capable, reliable and resposibile agent. She is kind and polite except with her field leader Ichiro who often tries to sexually harass her causing her to turn fierce. A running joke in the anime is that Ichiro would say something inappropriate causing Naomi to get angry with him and use her powers against him (as demonstrated in the images above). 

Ok everyone... that's all for tonight. :-) Hope you guys all have a good week. :-)