Sunday, July 8, 2018


Hot off the press... here is a nice set of images for the anime Kamichu! This is one of those series where multiple women have barefoot scenes in it so we'll divide up this post into characters and a group set. A massive thank you to Dan for sending in and recommending this anime as well as creating some customized images involving these characters barefoot. :-)

Dan also provided a great description for this anime and character so I'm going to include his feedback and notes for the series as well...

Kamichu is a very cute series that has a big emphasis on Shintoism. Basically one day, Yurie wakes up one morning, and has somehow become a goddess (in the Shinto sense). The series follows her daily activities of normal life, and performing her god-like duties.
Yurie Hitotsubashi
Yurie is very shy and sweet, but she tends to whine a lot and acts very childish for a middle schooler. Her younger brother Shokichi even acts more mature than her. But you still have to feel for her because she didn't ask for this brand new life and she's still learning the ropes. Believe me, if Yurie could get out of it, she would in a heartbeat.
Matsuri Saegusa
Matsuri is Yuri's friend. She runs a shrine in Onomichi along with her sister. 
Miko Saegusa
Miko is Matsuri's younger sister. She's a very shy polite and respectful girl. She has the ability to see spirits.
Mitsue Shijo
Mitsue is Yurie's best friend. She tends to be more more composed and serious compared to some of the zanier members of her group. She has good common sense and Yurie often goes to her for advice.
Group Shots

This seems like a really fun anime and it definitely has a really cute set of girls. :-D

Ok everyone thanks for reading and as always... more to come soon!


  1. I might check this out but do you think that you need to rest after all of the comments from posts?

  2. Great post Triton! Just to clear up some confusion though, Kamichu! was not created by CLAMP. I was referring to Angelic Layer when I mentioned CLAMP in the e-mail I sent you. Kamichu! was created by Besame Mucho, which is the joint pen name of producer Tomonori Ochikoshi, director Koji Masunari, and writer Hideyuki Kurata. And it was done at the animation studio known as Brain's Base. Other than that, everything else in this post is on the mark. P.S. one episode that probably had the most feet scenes was the last episode, number 16. All four girls are barefoot while cleaning out the storage rooms at the shrine. Very dusty and dirty. Be sure to check that one out. I may send you screencaps from that episode if no one else has any luck finding or posting them. Keep up the good work!

    1. O.O Let me fix that up. Wow...that's awesome. I'll try to check that episode out.Thanks so much again Dan. ^_^