Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Piece Bonus 4: Nami and All Sunday looks like I managed to squeeze out another short midweek blog update this week. Before it was interrupted by Birds of Prey week, I was doing a series of bonuses starring the girls from One Piece. I still had one set of pictures left to post involving Miss All Sunday and Nami. Anyway here it is:

(These pictures were taken from the third in a series of Art Books called One Piece Color Walk)
I'll keep this entry pretty short. There are a couple of great new chapters starring She-Hulk in my comic book interactive written by the author JayJay which you can check out here:
I'm working on a few new things but a busy schedule has my writing going pretty slow. Hopefully, I be able to get a short chapter before the end of the week.
Ok...that's all for tonight. More to come soon.
P.S. I'm still planning to update my blog tommorow night too. (Just in case you were wondering)

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