Friday, June 13, 2008

Catwoman (Bonus)

I bet you guys thought I was going to feature the Black Cat first considering that I've been on a marvel kick lately. Well...Felicia definitely has a spotlight coming to her, but I've kept poor Selina waiting long enough.

(These webfinds feature the artwork of Jim Balant (Pics 1, 3 & 6), Doug Beekman (2), Adam Hughes (5), John Estes (7) as well as an unknown artist (4))

The reason it took me such a long time to post Selina was that I was actually seeing if I could track down a cool barefoot picture I once saw of her before posting this. Unfortunately I couldn't find it but the 3rd pic is a nice replacement. Don't worry though, considering how popular Catwoman, she'll definitely be back in the featured spot again soon and hopefully I'll be able to acquire that picture of her by then.

As you can probably tell, my favorite comic book Catwoman costume is her purple one (although I like her cartoon costumes and Julie Newmar's and Michelle Pfiffer's costumes as well) and Jim Balant is my favorite artist for her. Balant drew Catwoman for the bulk of her first series and his artwork was so enticing I actually collected a couple of issues of her comic as a kid. I can't say that I really like Catwoman's current costume (The goggles and zippers look sort of silly) or her new pregnancy/mother storyline but she is still a classic comic book villainess and one of my favorite comic book characters.

Ok moving on...


As I continue to get my Soulcalibur story ready to be released next week, I added a few new chapters for Jean Grey and Supergirl to my comic book interactive.
I also completed another de-booting match with SFD. See my previous entry for more details on that.

It's almost a guarantee that any chapters involving Ino Yamanaka's feet will be spotlighted here and authors Melroser76 and Cryptosporidium137 have released some great chapters starring the sexy blonde kunoichi and her pink-haired team 7 counterpart at the Anime/Videogame Smelliest Feet Battle interactive continuing an outstanding volley:

Another story that I would like to spotlight this week is the Tickling Lacus Clyne interactive by author Falconwing. This interactive has been around for a while but I only recently discovered it. Although my favorite Gundam Seed girls are the Talia Gladys, Murrue Ramias, Cagali and Lunamaria, the Lacus additions written by epsilon7466mk2 completely blew me away and it's definitely worth checking this story out.

Next Week:
I will definitely get my next Soulcalibur chapter up by next week even if I have put all my other stories on the back burner. If there's time, I'll also try for some more Comic Book Interactive additions as well as another de-booting match. Also check here ocasionally for the next poll member to get a featured bonus.

Ok...that's it for this week. As usual, more to come soon!!!!



  1. Where did you get the 4th pic.

    I must know :O

  2. It's been a while since I posted these so my memory is a little bit fuzzy but I believe I got the fourth pic from typing Catwoman into Wikepedia. It was posted there around the time of the One Year Later story arc so I don't know if it is still up.

    The rest of the pictures including my personal favorite of Selina in the bathtub were found at these comic book picture sites here:
    and here:

  3. I thank you for the praise on the chapters I wrote for the Lacus Clyne Story. That was the first time I ever attempted writing on a public scale.

  4. No problem. ^_^ Great set of chapters Epsilon.

  5. Their are a some new additions to the Lacus story if your interested.

  6. Just read the rest of your chapters Epsilon. They were really awesome. I really like the way that you depicted Kira and Lacus' relationship. It was really sweet. I think the two of them make a great couple. I also like the situations that you depicted them in. (I would love to have a girlfriend as accepting of my fetish as Lacus was). Also your descriptions for the story were perfect...I could visualize the massages taking place. was a lot of fun to read and I hope that you continue writing. ^_^

  7. Thank you, if your also interested, their is an extend version of the story at this web


    It is ecentually the same story arc but parts are longer and some new material.