Monday, May 5, 2008

Huntress Bonus 3

Well my Huntress solo comic book interactive chapter isn't quite done yet (I'll probably post it tommorow) but enjoy this Huntress solo bonus instead. I personally think these are some of the sexiest shots involving her...Enjoy!!!

(All of these are once again webfinds so I've got a list of credits to run through. Ed Benes and Alex Lei collaborated on the first shot. An Unknown artist did the second one. The 3rd and 4th shots of the silver age huntress barefoot I got from a comic book discussion on a foot fetish board (see link below) I believe the poster name was Mary's foot lover. Alex Lei did the 5th shot. Benes did the 6th. The last shot was done by Joe Chiado)
I'm particularly happy with this bonus. Besides the two awesome barefoot shots (which btw came from here: check it out for some others ), I love how the first picture gives you the impression your getting kicked in the head by her. The rest of the shots have her looking seductively hot as well.
Ok...I'll keep things short tonight. Tommorow I'll probably take a break from bonus blogging but check back wednesday night for more Birds of Prey excitement!!!
Good Night Everyone!!!!

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