Thursday, May 8, 2008

Huntress Bonus 4

What can I say? I love the character. Huntress returns for her 4th solo bonus as Birds of Prey week continues.

(Credits: Webfinds featuring the artwork of Alex Lei (Pic 2), Ed Benes (Pic 3), Unknown (Pics 1, 7), Ron Adrian (Pic 8), Amy Acker pic 4 taken by Unknown, pics 5, 6, & 7 capped from a HITW clip made by the user snap)
The bonus features another series of pictures that I found where Helena Bertinelli looks her sexiest (particularly in the first and last shot). There's also a guest appearance by Amy Acker who provided the voice of Huntress in the Justice league cartoon. I'm sure a lot of you recognize Acker from her more familiar role in Angel. Since she's incredibly hot, I am happy to use Birds of Prey week as an excuse to post barefoot shots of her (Even if it's only as a barefoot easter egg).
Today I was knocking off some request to do guest chapters for some other interactives. For those that are interested. I added some foot related GTS chapters involving the character Julie at the Shrunk with Friends, Family and More Interactive here:
Tommorow I'm going to be continuing to knock off some more requests as well.
Also Tommorow night...check back for the exciting conclusion to Birds of Prey bonus week. I intend for this series of bonus entries to go out on a high note so I have a very nice set of pics planned.
Ok...that's it for tonight!! Enjoy the pics everyone!!!!

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