Friday, July 1, 2016

Poll 65 Results

The Poll Has Been Closed!... The Votes Have Been Tallied!... And after a Whopping 979 Votes... Here are the results...
It looks like Seras overpowered her competition claiming the #1 spot and proving that her feet are the ones that most fans seem to like. In second place was the Delta red Street Fighter agent Cammy White and the Tomb Raider Lara Croft managed to comfortably claim 3rd. I wouldn't feel too bad for the rest of these women... They all proved to have fans who admire their feet  as well and nobody walked away with less than 5 votes.

Just a couple of acknowledgments for this poll. First as always I just want to give a Tremendous Thank You to  everyone for voting and sharing their opinions and I'll try to keep them in mind in the future. Seras is a little tricky because I'm not really sure that she has any barefoot scenes but I'll see what I can find for her. I also want to give a Huge Thank You to His Divine Shadow for helping me pick the characters for this poll as well. He really helped a lot when I was stuck thinking of British women to complete the poll. 

Ok everyone... I'm planning on posting a new poll tonight. I'll also probably do another post later this evening as well just to keep the marathon going strong. ^_^

Have a great day everybody!


  1. In terms of the my own personal decision... this poll was really tough. I have a huge crush on Cammy but found myself drawn to the underdog Liesel Van Helsing. Her steampunk style was just so much fun. Then there were other classics like Ivy and Christie who were really tempting too. You guys made some great suggestions for this one too I didn't even think of Alice, Tracer, Bayonetta and Seras until they were recommended. The latter of which managed to win this poll. ^_^

    Anyway really great voting guys. ^_^

  2. I'm the one who suggested Alexia Ashford and Tracer the moment the poll came up. :)

    Alexia was the first lady to come to my mind since I've been playing much of the old fixed-camera RE games lately and have always been a huge fan of the games. Sadly, we haven't really seen (most) of the RE ladies go barefoot; the only ones that I can remember officially doing so are Alexia Ashford and Sherry Birkin (in RE6).

    However, there is an abundance of fan art with the ladies without shoes on. Recently, the characters models have been ripped from the games themselves and have been the subject of some lovely 3D fan art. The RE girls whose feet I wanted to see the most are Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and Moira Burton.

    For Jill Valentine: Her face model from the Resident Evil REmake on the GameCube to RE 5, former Fashion Model Julia Voth, has been barefoot often in pictures. She even cosplays as Jill often due to beongt fond of the character!!

    As for Alexia herself: I always found it curious that she took her shoes off first before transforming into her very first mutation in Code Veronica. I wonder if she was fond of her feet prior to her cryogenic hibernation and if getting a pedicure was a must for her considering how she was a rich aristocrat/scientist with a thing about (genetic) perfection...

    1. Both of those were really excellent suggestions. :-D

      I like Alexia a lot. O.O I still need to play RE6. It's cool that Sherry returns to the game.

      Yeah the fan arts available for the series that I've seen are great. :-D Jill, Claire, and Rebecca are all classics in my book. Moira is new to me... I have to look her up but she sounds really cool. I like also like Ada Wong, Excella Gionne and Sheva Alomar. Ashley from RE4 as well.

      O_O That's really cool. I have to look up Julia Voth. I know that there's a brief scene of Jill taking off her shoes in the Resident Evil live Apocalypse movie when she is introduced.

      O_O I have to rewatch Alexia's scenes. I can totally imagine having her feet taken care of being a symbol of status. ^_^

  3. I was hesitant to suggest Tracer at first; knowing that she had the potential to ABSOLUTELY STEAMROLL everyone due to Overwatch's popularity as of the writing of this comment.

    And, surely enough after being added to the poll officially, she managed to crush some of the competition (including poor Alexia!!) In a short span of two-three days as I watched her votes jump from 10-50 within that short period whereas several of the ladies got stuck at the 10-20 range up until the closing of the poll.

    Not that I blame them; Tracer is a LUVLY LITTLE LASS and I wouldn't mind "Overwatch-ing" her feet all night long. ;)

    1. Tracer was a great suggestion. :-D I still have yet to play Overwatch but hear some great things about her.

      Yeah I think if she was introduced earlier she had a good shot of claiming the top 3 spots especially being at peak popularity currently.

      She seems like a great character. Anyway, thanks very much for such great recommendations.

  4. Whoa, I was not expecting this! Seras is an absolute q-t-pi!

    But don't worry, there is one barefoot scene of her in the first episode of Ultimate.

    1. Yeah Layne. I did not expect Seras to take thi. :-D She is really cute.

      O.O Thanks so much for letting me know that. Definitely going to look that up right. That's awesome news. I'm really happy to there's a scene for her.

    2. No prob. You should definitely see the whole series.

    3. Yeah Hellsing has been on my watchlist for a long. Maybe I'll try to marathon watch it.

  5. I'm amazed Lara Croft or Tracer didn't blaze through XD Personally, Tracer and Cammy are my favorites.

    1. Yeah... Lara really looked like she was going to take this one in the beginning then Seras managed to move comfortable ahead mid-poll and stayed at the top until the end. Score 1 for her fans. ^_^

      Tracer and Cammy are both really great characters. ^_^

  6. Cant disagree with the vote. I just voted for Sarah Phillips. Must be because of the 4th coming up lol

    1. :-D That's great. She's definitely an appropriate character to choose for this time of year.