Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miami Guns: Yao (Bonus)

Appropriately tying in with this month's law enforcement officer's feet theme, Richfeet provided me with these sizzling hot pictures of this gorgeous female cop.

(These amazingly cool pictures of Yao Sakurakoji from the anime Miami Guns comes from Richfeet. Thank very much man.)

If I had seen this woman in action beforehand, Yao probably would have easily made a top ten spot in my poll. I'm sure from looking at her sexy bare feet that everyone would enjoy being punished by those sexy soles of hers. ^_^ up, I'll be once again teaming up with the Master of Sole Shots for another series of updates. Stay tuned!! ;-)


  1. darn if i knew u were going to post her i would have sent you some that i have

  2. i just wish her partner got to show some sole shots. all i have is the one from the credits

  3. im so far the only one to comment on her, i thought there would at least be a discussion here by now

  4. Yeah surprising. I really love that first picture where her boots are lying next to her feet. Makes it looks like she just took them off. ^_^

  5. yeah she did

    glad you like them.

  6. She's incredibly hot...thanks again for those caps Richfeet.

  7. I have yet to see this series, but just like everytime I see something that's "convincing", I will check it out. :D

    Oh yeah, she has some nice feet too. I forgot about that. =P

    Daniel Wickie