Thursday, October 23, 2008

Umisho: Shizuoka

Here are a couple of more Umisho shots for you to dive into.

(These pictures are more of BBB's outstanding capping work. Awesome!!!)

Ok...these still one more set of Umisho caps left to post but just so you don't go into Sole Overload, I'll save them till this evening. Have a nice day everyone!!!



  1. throughout this anime i kept having the feeling that she was going to oneday rape the Team Manager

  2. You wanna run that by me again?

  3. from the way she like to look at guys and acted i kept getting the idea that one day she was going to lose control and just rape the Team Manager

  4. Yet another anime to add to my list.

  5. Heh, I had the same impression Match! She was creepy a bit. She doesn't know what to do around guys.

    But we at least got some sole shots. There is a lot of feet shots in this series, I just concentrated on the soles. I think I remember some scenes I didn't cap that had more shots. I might cap them in a near future! ;)

  6. i know i told KSC about this anime a while back, but im better caping pics through my DVD player so im glad i can add all these lovely pics into my collection. So many good promising soles shots, especially of the X-Girl