Friday, October 17, 2008

One Piece: Nami (Bonus)

Ok I have one last One Piece Bonus for you guys. This sexy pirate needs no extra I'll just say enjoy!!!

(This is the extended version of a fanservice scene in episode 341 that the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 capped earlier. I also have have to give him a big thank you for letting me know there was still a lot of treasure left to find in this episode.)

With feet sexy feet like that, is it any wonder that Nami has managed to have 6 sets of tributes here? I'd worship her feet any day. ^_^ Ok...that concludes this tour of the grand line for now. I hoped you enjoyed sailing these waters with these ladies and as usual more to come soon!!!

-Kings S. Castle

P.S. Yes it's a Friday and an end of the week entry should already be up by now (especially since there has been a lot of good stuff to spotlight this week). However, since I'm running way behind, so I'll probably post it later this weekend. Sorry for the delay guys.


  1. wow this is a bit spooky. Its Nami, practically the girl everyone worships here and after 2 hours im the first one to post, where is everyone?

  2. Yeah strange...maybe they're busy staring at Nami's feet. O_O

    While All Sunday is the One Piece girl I'd like to be a foot slave to the most, Nami is the One Piece girl whose feet I'd love to worship most.

  3. I think that nami's feet are my favorite but i also like Robin's and Alvida's i really wish they had perona's feet though

  4. i know what you mean, how soft those soles would be after being in those boots.

    Well Mugi, this is the closest thing i can find for Perona's feet hope u enjoy