Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Poll of the Month 5 Results:

The 5th poll of the month has finally concluded. After a record setting 692 Votes, the results are in...

Maintaining perfect chakra control Sakura climbed to the top of the poll claiming an overwhelming 298 votes and proving that her feet are the ones that most people would like to smell the most. Taki followed her to claim second place and Yuffie took the third place spot. After that Ayane, Ibuki, Kitana and Misao each proved they had a following of their own. Finally, Ayame, Karai, and Red Shadow wrapped up this poll each making the scoreboard with a few foot sniffers of their own.

I just want to give a tremendous Thank You to everyone that voted. I really enjoyed finding out your opinions and I will keep them in mind in my future writing and bonuses.

Ok...Since it appears that so many of you love Sakura's feet so much, I'll try to give her an extra special bonus tonight. I also post a new poll of the month as well soon. Both of those will probably be posted around Midnight tonight.

Thanks again for voting everyone!


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  2. So which girl was my personal favorite? This one was particularly tough cause there were a lot sexy kunoichis I like. In the end out of nostalgia for one of the classic female ninjas I used to have a crush on I would have to go with Red Shadow.

    Anyway, Great Voting Everyone!

  3. My personal favourite was Yuffie. I would've voted for her, but when I saw Misao on there, I reconsidered my choice. She needed more attention, so I gave her some.

    If Sakura got three hundred votes, I would've followed it up with a crack about the movie 300. *laughs*And yes, it would've been funnier than that beaten down, over-killed, unfunny excuse of a parody/crossover movie, Meet the Spartans. In my opinion, it should've been called Meet the Dumb-shits, but I digress, greatly I might add. Anyway, it was a good poll yet again, KingSideCastle and I look forward to tonight's bonus about Miss Haruno. Keep on blogging.

    Daniel Wickie

  4. I can't believe you Neglected Mai Shiranui,she has feet like a Goddess.

  5. I agree with Stefan. How come you didn't sqeeze her in? I never thought of that before till now. And knowing Mai, she would probably tease us a bit while smelling her feet. :D

  6. Yeah...I thought of Mai midway through the poll too and was like oh shoot I forgot to add her. Oh well maybe I'll give her an honorary tribute.