Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Bonus 6: DMC's Trish

Wow you were brave enough it all the way to the end of my haunted castle. For deserve a reward so for my final bonus here are are a couple of caps of the sexy demon hunter from Devil May Cry Trish.

(These caps were from pleasant surprise in the Devil May Cry Anime episode 5: Rolling Thunder where Lady and Trish meet each other a boutique.)
I'd like to dedicate this post to Lawliet who's celebrating his Birthday today.

Trish has always been my favorite Devil May Cry girl and I was thrilled to see her go barefoot in this brief scene. ^_^ I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

Well...that concludes my series of Halloween bonuses. I would like to thank Aya, Alexia, Barbara, Cammy and Trish for helping me put my Haunted Castle together. Hopefully we'll be back to scare you guys next year.

Ok...tommorow begins a new that means there's quite a bit to do. I'll have the poll results, a new poll and a tribute to the winner up tommorow evening.

Have a good night everyone!!
-Haunted Castle Keeper


  1. Definitely a great find, KSC. And Happy Hallowe'en/Birthday, Lawliet. We all hope you enjoy it.

    BTW, none of your pictures scared me, KSC. I guess you really will have to try harder next year. =P

    Devil Wickie

  2. Heh heh. You have nerves of steel Kyle. Thanks for reading man.

  3. Those aren't the only steel things I have, HCK. And did you notice my name from before?

    And should I add Trish to my interactive?

  4. Yah!! I just noticed the name now. If you added Trish to your interactive that would be incredibly cool.

  5. Wish granted, HCK. The sexy demon in human form is now in the interactive. And while I'm still on the subject of demons, guess who else I added. ;)

  6. O_O That add for her was perfect. If I didn't already 5 star your story. I'd have done that now just for suggesting the possibility of being Trish's foot servant. :-D Plus you added Kagura too. ^_^

  7. I aim to please, my friend. :D And what did you think of the dismissal lines for both of those hot demons?

    On a sidenote, you got anything related to writing that you've got planned for the future?

  8. As if anyone would even consider using a dismissal line for Trish rather than be her foot servent. ^_^ Still, both of those dimissal lines got me to chuckle.

    As for my writing plans...there are definitely a lot of stories I want to work on that I hope to get soon.

  9. I know they'll be good, whenever they get posted. :) On a side note, did you see my journal entry on dA?

  10. Yup. I'm glad your trip turned out so well.

  11. Not only that, but I have three dear friends living close to me now. Definitely the best Hallowe'en ever. I say this because friends are the best treats of all.:) Don't you think so?

  12. Thank you, my friend. I'm glad I met you. :) *hugs KSC*

    And if that doesn't make you happy enough, then how about the words, "I'm writing a new chapter for Azula"?

  13. O_O Really?!!!! Needless to say I am definitely looking forward to that one. :-D

  14. I suggest you go to the Recent dditions page to make finding out what choice I made more interesting, you know? I hope you like it once it's finished. ^_^

  15. Ok...I'll definitely keep checking for it.

  16. And I'll have it up soon. Why so soon? Because every day I haven't written a chapter for you-know-who, I use a lot of burn medication. And since I'm all out, I better get more done before I become slow cooked! :O