Friday, October 10, 2008

More Candela (Bonus)

For those of you that are going through gypsy feet withdrawal after the last Candela post. Here's a new scene for you. Since the legendary Match25 was the person who provided this scene for probably can guess what the focus will be on. Enjoy everyone!

(Right after I posted the last set of pictures, the Legendary Master of Sole Shots directed me to a new clip involving this cute gypsy girls' soles. Another amazing find Match.)

Ok...since today is a Friday and I've been given a lot to work with, it probably won't be my last post of the day. Stay tuned guys!



  1. yes this does help with my barefoot gypsy withdrawal LOL. Cant wait to see what you post next

  2. Damn right they do! :D Good work once again, Match.

    Daniel Wickie