Thursday, October 23, 2008

Umisho: Amuro (Bonus)

Ok's the final Umisho set. This one is for Amuro. Enjoy!!

(Once again a huge thanks to BBB for putting this series of Umisho caps together)

I don't know what it is about chicks with green hair (Saria, Lynn, Tira, CC, Morrigan and now Amuro*) but they always come off amazingly sexy. I bet their feet have a lime taste to them. ^_^ time to close the pool on the Umisho series but have no fear everyone...more exciting stuff to come soon!!
*My hats off to anyone that got all those references.


  1. great shots for sure !
    lol i bet they do taste like lime x)

  2. yay the X-Girl, too bad you couldnt find any shots of the vice-captain

  3. There's at least one I remember seeing I didn't cap in the 2nd episode (I THINK, I'm not 100% sure) where the vice-captain (short-purpled hair girl) kicks a fence. Then we see the other side of the fence, her sole. A bit of a toe-crunch on it though, and I'm not a big fan of toe-crunches. That's why I didn't cap it... yet ;)

    Also, there's an episode near the end where she injures her ankle I think, and there might be other caps possible there!

  4. Just thought of some more sexy green haired girls. Sailor Pluto, Emerald (Sailor Moon), Rydia (Final Fantasy IV), Dawn (Pokemon) and Emeralda (Xenogears). mmmm I'm gonna need a cold shower again.

  5. Dawn from PKMN doesnt have green hair

  6. Yikes you're right. It looks pretty green to me.
    But the Poke-encyclopedia lists it as blue so I'll have to go with that.

    Regardless, she's still incredibly hot.

  7. true, especially with that picture of her out of those boots

  8. If only she took those boots off more often in the anime. :(