Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Piece: Alvida (Bonus)

With Sexy female pirates sailing the waters who are more then happy to remove their footwear from time to time, the Grand Line has no shortage of treasures. Match25 and I have done our best to track down some of the hottest female pirates and capture their feet in a new wave of One Piece bonuses. First up...we have the sexy pirate Alvida. Enjoy guys!!!

(My thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots for providing the first pic and tracking down a clip from the anime where Alvida demonstrates this unique special move from the One Piece Anime. I'd also like to thank Eichiro Oda and the One Piece animators for coming up with a move involving a girl kicking off her shoes for foot close ups.)
I think basically all of us are glad Alvida ate that Slip-Slip fruit. :-D Ok everyone...I'm not done with the One Piece girls yet. Keep sailing these waters cause there be many hot feet ahead! Arrrr!!!


  1. we are defiantly glad she ate that Cursed fruit, but im assuming that this is only a fraction the the treasure that is about to come. the Straw Hats can have One Piece, this would be my treasure

  2. i know this post hasnt been up long but seriously where is everybody?
    This is the barefeet of a One Piece beauty who with the power of the Slip Slip fruit means her soles are extremely smooth and soft

  3. That's definitely a sexy I'm picturing her soles sliding up and down my face. ^_^

  4. god her feet are like one of the best. The only op girl who paints her toenails

  5. (daydreaming) Nami and Nico painting their toenails

  6. Yeah I love it when women draw attention to their feet with toenail polish. As for picturing Nami and Nico painting their toenails... O_O I'm gonna need a cold shower.

  7. its when they were in Logue Town, around ep 45