Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trinity Blood: Nun (Bonus)

It looks like we have a new player in the sole capping game. Inspired by Match25's work, BBB has aspirations of becoming the next Master of Sole Shots. Do you think he can do it? Take a look at samples of his work and find out.

(This Sister was capped by BBB from the anime Trinity Blood.)

If you think that is hot, this is just the first of 4 sets of pictures BBB gave me showing off his talents. I'll try to post the rest soon.

Have a nice morning everyone.


  1. very nice shots, i must have missed this episode.

    Oh is that a challenge i hear KSC? Because you know how many sole shot caps i have in my collection.

  2. Well...I think as a Legend in Sole Capping, you're the one that he is trying to impress Match. In BBB's e-mail he told me he has hopes on becoming your disciple.

    Of course you don't have to decide just yet, there's still more from his collection to show you.

  3. OOOh nice shots for sure , but i think Match25 will make this a worthy battle... and for all us spectators we will probly get to see TONS of stunning sole shots x) W00T

  4. Thank you! It's funny how KSC talks about this "battle"!! lol

    I don't really see this as a battle. It's more of a way to share all these wonderful anime feminine feet with the people who like'em!

    Like I said earlier, the more the better! I have more in my collection and I hope Match and others have more to share too!! ;)

  5. hmm :-/ maybe i should hunt some down ....

  6. yes, the more lovely soles the better

  7. I couldn't agree more, Lawliet. This shouldn't be treated as a contest about who can get better sole shots. It's all about enjoying what everyone has to offer. And that's what really matters. ^_^

    I didn't really see much of Trinity Blood, but maybe I should try it again. Keep on blogging, everybody.

    Daniel Wickie

  8. It was a vampire anime. It was okay, nothing spectacular... except that sister running barefoot of course! ;)

  9. w00t ^^ Then i guess i shall keep my eye out for good sole shots and do my best to pass them along ^^

  10. I know it's a vampire anime. I just didn't really pay much attention to it before. But now that I saw this nun's feet, I'm considering it.

  11. Well...with the 3 of you (Match, BBB and Lawliet) out there Sole capping. It would be like a triple threat. No scene where an anime girl shows her soles would go uncapped. :-D

  12. well u know i have plenty left. but i already sent you alot for now

  13. Yeah I definitely have a lot of good stuff from you to post. :-D I'm working on posting those now as well.

  14. Niiice! Can't wait to see what you have in store Match!

    Of course I have a reserve too, although probably not as huge.