Sunday, October 12, 2008

Majokko Meg Chan (Bonus)

Sorry guys...I would have updated earlier today but it took me several hours to muster up the concentration to stop staring at Ino's feet long enough to add a new entry. Anyway, I have a cool retro bonus for you tonight, caps from an anime dating back all the way to the 70's.

(A big thank you to Match25's friend boshibaro for supplying us with this caps from the anime Magic Girl Meg/Majokko Meg Chan and getting this blog to span 4 decades of animated feet goodness)

Ok...enjoy everyone and as usually...more to come soon!



  1. it defiantly was a good find of a classic anime

  2. i saw these on youtube once

    the little boy in it is a jerk.

  3. Nice vintage stuff KSC. Thx to Boshi for the scene!

  4. Ah the old school xD gotta love it

  5. one cant help but love the classic barefoot artwork