Monday, August 17, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Francine Langstrom (Bonus)

Ok next up is Francine Langstrom of Batman:TAS fame. While it appears that she's a sweet lab assistant and loving wife, accidentally coming in contact with the man-bat serum caused this cutie to have a brief stint as a villainess.

(Those were from the Batman: TAS episode "Terror in the Sky". A huge thank you to Dave for finding and alerting me to this scene)

It hard to believe such a sweet girl could cause that much trouble but her monster counterpart actually managed to knockout Batman in her episode.

Like you guys, I was a little bit surprised when Francine contacted Anime Feet HQ requesting to be included in the villainess bonus too but she explained that having her feet featured here would be really great publicity and it would help her lab receive some much needed funding. Plus she was really hurt that I forgot to include her in the minor Batman characters bonus set and she wanted to give me the chance to make it up to her. After showing me her villainess membership card which entitles her to a lifetime of villainess perks including a free foot rub and tribute here, I had no choice but to give into her demands.

Francine is such a sweet and caring woman, that I don't think I could have said no to her anyway. I really like her character a lot. Plus everybody likes a hot blonde. ^_^

Looking at this just goes to show you how superior the animation style of the original Batman The animated series is when compared with the seasons released after its Superman counterpart aired. The closeups on Francine's feet look amazingly detailed.

Ok that's basically it for tonight but more villainess action to come soon!!


  1. oh like it was so hard for her to convince you lol. I bet all she had to do was say she will show off her soles and you readily agreed lol

  2. Oh, brainy girl's feet ^_^ Sometimes those allure you more because they're not supposed to be exposed in most uniforms, and sometimes they're prettier than the average.

    Those last pictures are awesome. Is there a name for that pose?

  3. Nice feet from a cute scientist like her self ^_^

    And how dare you forget to include her in the minor character bonus KSC, >_>

    In any case, these were some nice finds

  4. Can you do the sexy sorceror lady from Justice League? (Not Zatanna)

  5. wow some more batman characters. havnt seen those in a while. *thumbs up*

  6. It is really sad to see that the animation and art quality went down after the original show stopped airing. Even Batman Beyond didn't have this level of quality!

    And yes, the hot researcher wins second place for me for best feet from a villain; even though it was really short lived. lol

  7. Thanks everyone. I really like the intelligent scientist/researcher types too.

    Oh yeah Juancho, I also think its really hot when a girl lifts her leg up to kiss someone too. The first time I noticed something like that was in a Mortal Kombat fatality. It's very cute.

    Yeah this scene completely slipped past me the first time around Breakthewalls. ^_^; I really glad Dave told me about it. :-) I just hope that I made it up to Francine with this bonus. ^_^

    Do you mean Tala Digiharrisom? I'll try and look her up. ^_^

    Thanks GFTS. :-)

    Yeah I would have loved to see a lot of scenes with this type of detail in the later series Ayane Matrix. This hot researcher does have some really nice feet. ^_^

  8. at first i thought the animation quality would be bad but i was surprised to see her sole had some good detail

  9. maybe they had a foot fetish on their team hehehe

  10. Nothing like a combo of brains and beauty!

    KSC, it was a pleasure to help out.

    After what she's been through, I'm sure she could use your famous skill. Heck, she probably needed a good rub after being out in the snow barefoot.

  11. Thanks again Dave. ^_^

    It's true. She definitely welcomed a footrub after walking around in the snow. :-)

  12. I don't know if I'd classify Francine as a villainess, KSC.

  13. Was wondering when she'd show up here! Good work.

    I wonder if she's foot-ticklish? And does Kirk do that to her on occasion?

  14. I can picture Kirk doing that. ^_^ He's really a lucky guy.

  15. Got another present for you. I figured this would be right up your alley.


    More to come, eventually.

  16. got to love the universal cartoon rule that shoes break when girls grow giant

  17. Indeed Match.

    I personally enjoyed the She-Hulk one ^_^

  18. me too. got to love a confident barefoot muscle woman, the green skin i have to admit is a nice bonus

  19. Indeed. Once again, I'm going to claim insanity when I say this but I would love to be scissored by her whens she's barefoot. :D

  20. then your in the right place BTW

  21. O_O Thanks very much for that awesome scene Dave. GTS feet totally rock!!!

    As for getting scissored by She Hulk guys. As risky as that is, I would love that too. I'd also love to be scissored by a barefoot Supergirl as well. Yeah I know I'm crazy. I'm pretty much asking to get hurt with these fantasies.

  22. He, same here KSC. I would also like to be scissored by a barefoot Batgirl....with her scissoring me with her barefeet :D

  23. Oh yeah Breakthewalls. Being scissored by Batgirl's feet seems really great.

    I'd also love for her to use her feet to play with my face as well. :-D

  24. it seems like we can all agree on one thing, the scissors position is our favorite position in this site.

    Hey KSC that gives me an idea, could you do two polls next month, one being the girl and the second being foot worshiping positions?

  25. O_O A foot worship positions poll...that's an interesting one Match.

    What worship positions can you guys think of?

    Right now I've only got a couple.
    Scissor hold
    Foot cleaner

    Any others that you guys would want to see?

  26. Oh yeah just thought of another about insole.

  27. well the foot massage is a nice simple worship one. also you should put descriptions to them as well so we know exactly what they mean

  28. Oh yeah those are really good positions. ^_^ I would definitely love to experience them.

  29. It is really sad to see that the animation and art quality went down after the original show stopped airing. Even Batman Beyond didn't have this level of quality!

    Oh, but Batman Beyond did have a great level of quality, even better than the later seasons of Batman:TAS-check out the episodes that 'feeture' Maxine Gibson-she has sexy feet.

  30. O_O Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check that character out. Do you know what episodes she goes barefoot in Lionel?

  31. I can't remember which one, unfortunately.

  32. Oh...anyway thanks for letting me know about her Lionel. I'll keep her in mind for a Batman Beyond bonus involving her Dana and the girl from the Zeta project.