Friday, April 17, 2009

More Sakura (Bonus)

Ok Ok...I get it guys want more. Fine, I can take a hint. The next few bonuses will be all about giving you guys more of what you want. Just be really careful what you wish for. ^_^ To kick things off with a bang, here's more of the hot pink haired kunoichi Sakura.

(I really have to give a huge Thank You to an Anonymous Naruto Fan for finding this scene. It really is one of the best closeups on Sakura's feet that I've seen. ^_^ These were capped from Naruto episode 55.)

Man...I need another cold shower. Stares at the second picture again. A really really icy cold one!!

Ok since it is a Friday (or at least it was when I started typing this ;-p), here is an end of the week entry.

This Week:
O.O It's been a while since I've done one of these. :-D This week, in addition to giving all the Lucky Star girls foot massages, I managed to get a couple of chapters completed involving the Pink Ranger Kimberly for the Foot Fetish Fantasy Interactive here:
I also been working on a some chapters involving Mary Jane and Wonder Woman that aren't quite ready to post yet. I'll try to have them done soon guys. ^_^ On top of those...there's also the top secret "For Your Eyes Only" project I've been spending the last couple of weeks attempting to cap with Match and Mr. E. Hopefully, it will be ready to post very soon.

Spotlights:Continuing my effort to give you guys what you want...this week's spotlights focuses on hot blondes. ^_^

When thinking of hot anime blondes, it is hard to forget the gorgeous blonde duelist Mai Valentine. Every foot fetishist who's seen Yugioh has fantasized about her taking off those sexy purple boots of her and requesting a foot massage. Well no need to fantasize any longer...the lastest Smell of Her Feet interactive additions from Kiddo explore that scenario.

Next up is a recent addition involving everyone's favorite kryptonian heroine Supergirl by OJwriter.
While it definitely helps that this was added to my own interactive, I love how this chapter describes what would obviously happen to anyone forced to worship the Girl of Steel's feet long enough. ^_^ Naruto girl spotlight post would be complete without linking to a few chapters involving those Kunoichis. Fortunately the author Lulu has released a brand new interactive involving the Naruto girl's feet here:
It looks like this interactive is off to a really great start though admittedly I might be a little bit biased since one of its first threads (written by Cryptosporidium and Lulu himself) involves my personal favorite blondes using her feet to torture Sasuke. :-D Another thread I'd keep my eyes on in the future is the Hinata thread.

Next Week:
Well a lot of my projects from this week (Mary Jane, Wonder Woman, "For Your Eyes only" etc) have carried over into the next one. I also have a ton of other material to post here too. (Sorry I'm running a little behind guys ^_^;) I'll try to catch up soon.

Ok...Next up is another highly requested girl from the same series. ^_^


  1. RetroGamer has also created a chapter involving Princess Daisy.

  2. I can't help but notice that you missed something... again.

  3. that is probably the best close up of Sakura's feet in the entire series, only wish it was a sole shot

  4. Nice! Bare feet in Naruto are just too few and far between. Good stuff! ^_^

  5. that show does need a beach filler arc

  6. there defiantly needs more of Yuki's cute feet shots

  7. Yeah Match, my favorite close ups on Sakura's feet are this scene as well as the sole shot from the third movie you sent me. ^_^

    Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah I wish there were more barefoot scenes in this anime too.

    A beach episode would definitely be really cool Match.

    Thanks for these awesome Haruhi pictures Angus. I'll try to post them soon. ^_^

  8. TV ALERT. Watch Scooby Doo and The Samurai Sword and you might see some nice barefoot shots.

  9. OH,I forgot the date and time: Cartoon Network Tonight at 7:00pm

  10. when you are going tu post some kida or nani's feet? i'm waiting so much for them :D

  11. I did give KSC Kida's feet, just hold on Spider

  12. KSC,I'm now watching that Schooby Doo Movie I mentioned. And so far it Fails to disappoint.

    BTW,in this movie The Scooby Gang is in Japan.

  13. but how could they have allowed Velma to wear shoes in the dojo?

  14. No clue,but I wish she and Daphnie would've taken their shoes off.

    Anyway all of the good Foot shots are the bunch that appear early in the fact they are the Only foot shots.

    Kinda disappointing that no more foot shots were shown,the artists must've not like drawing feet.

  15. O_O I'll try to check that episode out before I post her Angus. Thanks for the tip.

    Sorry I'm running a little behind Samspider. ^_^; I'll try to post those pictures over the next week. ^_^

    I definitely have to see this movie. Thanks again for tip SFD

  16. Three comments originally posted by a contributor and sponsor of this bonus who now wishes to remain anonymous:

    Just in case. ;)


    I could find some but they wouldn't be official art.


    Ooh, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi episode ten is a good'un.