Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sakura Championship (Bonus)'s a little delayed (another busy weekend guys ^_^;) but here is a tribute to the poll winner and Anime Feet Year 1 champion...Sakura Haruno. Enjoy guys!!

(These were capped from various Naruto episodes including 26, 27, 97, Shippuuden 1, 3, 36 and the 3rd Naruto movie)
So what makes Sakura the girl most people would love to be a foot servant too? Well she's pretty, intelligent and has a very energetic personality not to mention her rather cool insanely strong super-strength. As a busy medical ninja, she's probably on her feet all day and would be really appreciative to anyone who would be willing to give her a footrub and pedicure. I'd bet she'd be more than happy to let her foot servants worship her feet as a reward.^_^
Admittedly, I had a hard time finding material for this bonus because like you guys, I like Sakura a lot and have posted her several times before. Luckily as part of her summer outfit, she was wearing sandals so I was able to get some good material from the 3rd Naruto movie and the Naruto anime offers serveral opportunities for close-ups on her toes. If you guys missed the earlier time I posted involving Sakura, here they are:
I'm also always on the lookout for more scenes involving Sakura barefoot the anime. If I find anymore, you can be sure that I'll definitely post them here too.
Of the variety of Kunoichi footwear that Sakura wears, my personal favorite is the black open-toed boots that that go up to just under her knee that she wears after the three year jump. She looks really hot wearing those. ^_^
Ok...everyone, that's basically it for now. Provided that Ino doesn't kill me for featuring her rival yet again...more to come soon.


  1. got to love those more revealing shoes

  2. More revealing shoes?

  3. yeah those summer shoes for the 3rd movie

  4. Oh those. Yeah, I know now. Gots to watch it again.

    And if there's any trouble between you and Ino, Triton, just send word to me. I'll straighten things out. ;)

  5. Is something wrong, Triton?

  6. No...I'm fine...for now anyway ^_^; *crosses fingers* but I'll let you if I need your help with Ino later on.

  7. *skeptic look* Sure, you will.

  8. O_O Wow...that's a really awesome scene Angus. One of the best closeups I've seen of Sakura's bare feet so far. :-D I'll try to cap and post it soon. Thank you so much for it.

  9. looks like we got a Naruto Foot Master here, and Hinata's feet always need attention

  10. Will that do, Match? :)

  11. oh yeah i remember that sceen and how annoyed that it wasnt a sole shot of the cute Hinata

    yes it will do Kyle

  12. Knowing Angus here, I bet he found a couple more.

  13. i remember that Temari one, she was relaxing in her room with her shoes off. But its not a good shot at all

  14. Wow...that's a lot of great stuff Angus. I'm in the process of capping that Hinata episode now.

    I also really love that webfind. The Naruto girls look really hot in it.

    I'll also have to remember to rewatch Shippuuden episode 3 later.

    I vaguely remember the Temari barefoot scene during the Chunin Exam too. In fact I was trying to find that episode when I posted a Temari bonus a while back but I didn't really have much luck. Do you guys remember which episode it was?

    My e-mail is if you want to use it.

    Between Sakura, Hinata, Temari and another cool tip I got involving Shizune...It looks like this blog is due for another wave of Naruto updates. ^_^

  15. Do you know what I just noticed? In cap #22, Lee looks like he found some magical mushrooms. ROFL

  16. Well he is a natural at the drunken fist Kyle. :-D

    Rock Lee is great. ^_^

    I'm not familiar with Haruhi Angus, but it definitely sounds like my kind of anime. :-)

  17. Drunken Fist?

    Oh yeah, I made a new interactive for anyone who wishes to check it out. It was made before ten to five o' clock in the morning.

  18. some very nice finds Angus, i wish they gave off a sole shot to Yuki

  19. Holy Shit-burgers and Fries! Looks like Match has met his... match. You should help contribute to this site more often, Angus! :D

  20. KSD, should we inform Kyle in all of the large bonuses we are currently working on?

    also i specialize in screen cap sole shots, but these are lovely shots Angus

  21. The Drunken fist is a martial arts style where the practitioner consumes alcohol to perform some of the more powerful techniques Kyle. In Naruto, Rock Lee has been shown on a couple of occasions to be particularly good at it.

    It also looks like there's a cool new tickling interactive for me to keep an eye on. ^_^

    Wow...Haruhi has some really hot feet. :-D Awesome pictures Angus. ^_^

    It's true Kyle. Match and I are working on some really massive bonus sets. Think of the Disney bonus to get an idea of the size. :-D

  22. Oh, so that's what it is. Yeah, I remember now. Thanks, man. :)

    Other than the rules I've put up for the interactive, anything goes. You're welcome to add, of course. ;)

    And just so you know, I added the comics option as a way of paying homage to you, Triton. Guess your Comic interactive left an impression on me. :D

    The bonus will that big, huh?

  23. Here are some comments I deleted due to the author's request to keep his identity a secret:

    You sort of left out a really good scene in Episode 55 of Sakura(Not Shippuden). Quite near the beginning, and pretty static so good and easy to cap. Cheers for all you'r great work so far.



    No worries - I'm good for more Naruto ones of Hinata whenever you think she's in need of attention. ;)

    Naruto 148 (Non-Shippuden)There's a good one of Hinata about half way through and another less good one more like 3/4 of the way through. It's not a very still shot though so the quality won't be amazing. Well worth a look though - a personal favourite.

    There's kind of a sole shot... You just need to cap it at the right time. It shows most of her sole minus the toes - I personally don't like it because it doesn't look much like a foot - but the rest of it is gold.

    Uhm... I vaguely remember a Temari barefoot scene somewhere around the Chunin exam arc... There's also a very brief one of Sakura in (Non Shippuden) episode 3. And this webfind here: . I'm not sure if it's official but it sure looks like it.

    If possible I think having someone's MSN or Email would be useful because I stumble across these every now and again.

    I've also got some Haruhi ones and I reckon it's the most popular series for feet: it's one of the only times where Google's predicted "Haruhi Feet" for me.


    Behold Haruhi, gentlemen!

  24. Meh... ._. I'll be impressed if it shows her bare sole(s), let alone her BARE feet.